Okay so we may be cheating a little bit in this one. We’ve talked about the first book in this Tremendous Trilogy before, back in our ‘books with such long titles you forget what they are before you can find them on the shelf’ post. But then we read it and loved it so much we decided it deserved a second outing, along with the rest of the trilogy. Without further ado, we give you: the Flora Trilogy by Ysabeau S. Wilce.

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsFlora Segunda : being the magickal mishaps of a girl of spirit, her glass-gazing sidekick, two ominous butlers (one blue), a house with eleven thousand rooms, and a red dog, Ysabeau S. Wilce

This trilogy takes place in a world like you will never have encountered before with unusual and fantastical language. It takes a bit of getting used to; handy hint: read it in big chunks as it’s rather hard to follow if you pick it up and put it down a lot. Invest though, and you will be rewarded. Flora is one kick-arse heroine! She’s scrappy, determined, brave and best of all, gets up and keeps going even when things aren’t going her way. Things like, her house changing on her, the elevator not stopping when she tells it too and a magical (if rather diminished) butler trying to steal her soul. In the first book of the trilogy Flora goes on a quest with her best friend to rescue one of her greatest heroes. It’s a quest that will take her far from home into a mind-blowing muddle of intrigue and betrayal that changes her world forever.

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsFlora’s dare : how a girl of spirit gambles all to expand her vocabulary, confront a bouncing boy terror, and try to save Califa from a shaky doom (despite being confined to her room), Ysabeau S. Wilce

Flora has stood up to her mother; she’s come clean about her desire to be a ranger. But to do so she must master the magical—and dangerous—language of Gramatica. Along the way, she finds herself thrown into yet another life-altering adventure. Would a true ranger be intimidated by a tentacle that reaches for her from the depths of a toilet? Be daunted by her best friend’s transformation into a notorious outlaw, thanks to a pair of sparkly stolen boots? Be cowed by the revelation that only she can rescue the city of Califa from the violent earthquakes that threaten its survival? Never. Saving her city and her best friend are the least a Girl of Spirit can do! As Flora grows up, so too do the issues she faces. While book one was completely (and refreshingly) romance-free, book two introduces a dash of romance, introduces us more to Flora’s world and its history, and provides a much bigger role for the wide cast of fascinating characters and their relationships.

book cover courtesy of SyndeticsFlora’s fury : how a girl of spirit and a red dog confounded their friends, astounded their enemies, and learned the importance of packing light, Ysabeau S. Wilce

Everything Flora thought she knew about her life has been severely shaken (isn’t it always) and in the final book of the trilogy she’s on a quest to find some answers. To be honest, we’re struggling to write this summary without giving away some serious spoilers. So what we will say (vaguely) is that Flora is venturing further afield on this adventure as she goes looking for someone everyone else thinks is dead. Along the way there’s more than a dash of romance, several kidnapping attempts and general non-stop action. Warning: the final book is incredibly open ended. We’re taking this as a good sign for more adventures in Flora’s world. Especially as Ysabeau S. Wilce has said (on Facebook): “Nini Mo’s comment on the end of the Saga of the Second Flora: ‘Everything has an end, except for sausages, which have two.'” Fingers crossed for more! We were left with too many questions to be happy for this tremendous trilogy to end just yet. Which means that, technically, it would no longer be a trilogy. But as it stands, it is one tremendous trilogy.