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I LOVE this image. It’s so chic and glamour, but still kinda edgy… love. I’m really enjoying the black and white monochrome trend at the mo. It’s quite surprising for me, considering I absolutely adore colour and love wearing really outrageously bright tones. But the monochrome look is so simple yet chic, I kinda like it.

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It’s definitely a trend I’m wanting to milk this winter. I recently bought this dress and really love it for its versatility – it can be worn with any colour, but also looks so sweet by itself. And, negl, I rock a lot of polka dots. Am also in love with this top! I am obsessed with cat clothing at the moment (think it’s because I’ve made friends with a cat that lives in my building – she’s black and fluffy and SO CUTE. We cuddle daily.) and this sweet shirt is no exception. I love wearing it with my 90s black pleat skirt – swoon! Also really digging this classic houndstooth skirt… it has such a chic vintage London vibe. Who knew just black and white together could be so much fun?