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Tremendous Trilogies, Volume Four.

24.04.13 | Comment?

Our next feature is on the Thieves Like Us trilogy by Stephen Cole. This series is a genuine action-adventure story filled with nail biting antics, loads of fun and wonderfully sarcastic heroes.

Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsThieves Like Us is the first book that the trilogy takes its name from. Jonah Wish is a teenage computer-hacking delinquent with an awesome name, a perfect recipe for a member of a teen thievery ring. He joins Patch, Motti, Con and Tye, each with their own special skill which is instrumental in the execution of the plans they come up with. The team work under the watchful eye of Nathaniel Coldhardt as they race from one exotic location to the next to find the ancient artifacts outlined in Coldhardt’s missions. The artifacts may bring riches, or perhaps uncover a long lost secret the human race would like to know about…

Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsIn The Aztec Code (also published as Thieves Til We Die) the team return empty-handed after Coldhardt requested the retrieval of the lost sword of Cortes, which had been used to conquer and destroy the Aztecs. In the wake of the mission’s failure, Tye is kidnapped from under their noses and the other teen geniuses are desperate to get her back. Coldhardt is less concerned. The team uncover an organisation called the Sixth Sun, which could be the key to the location of both Tye and the lost sword. Again racing from one exotic location to the next, this time they are against the clock, counting down until they potentially lose Tye forever.

Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsThe Bloodline Cipher is (regretfully!) the last in the trilogy. “Jonah and the rest of the elite team of teenage thieves have been sent on a mission by Coldhardt to retrieve an ancient grimoire. He believes it to be a magical book of the law of the dead. Something like that could fetch a very good price in the right market. But when they go in to get it, the discover another team of thieves has beaten them to it. Even more disturbingly, this team is better trained, and better informed. It seems Coldhardt’s old mentor, a man he thought was dead, is not only very alive, but has a highly efficient rival organisation, and a devilish plan to wipe out Coldhardt. Only the best will make it. In a thrilling adventure with brilliant plotting and fiendish twists, join Jonah faces his toughest challenge yet – but will it be his last?” – Goodreads

After I (Rachel) finished book three, I went feverishly searching for the next in the series when I came upon Thieves Til We Die (which I first encountered as The Aztec Code) and was hopeful for all of a second that I had a new book to read, but it wasn’t to be. This is a warning so you don’t make the same disappointing mistake as I did.

We’re slightly sheepish about recommending this trilogy because we feel it had so much more to give than just a trilogy and we fear you might end up wishing as much as we do that it had gone on longer! It felt like the series had a lot more to give, at the very least with two more books so that each of the main gang of five had their ‘own’ featured book. Alas, there are only three and we will forevermore be saying to ourselves (and everyone else, for that matter) “what if?”

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