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High-Fashion Holidays

21.12.12 | Comment?

Wishing you a high-fashion holiday and a very couture Christmas!

To celebrate the festive season, there are two things you have GOT to see.

Firstly, the Tiffany’s Christmas windows this year are sooooo beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Jason Yaoyao.

This one is so pretty and whimsical. You can view them all here; the second one is my fave. Sigh! As you can imagine, their 2011 windows were also extravagantly delightful, check them out here. So pretty! ♥

And secondly! I LOVE fluffing around with Christmas presents to make them look gorg, so have been fully delighting in this site. It’s primarily a crafty-style blog (which i have ranted on about before; oh so glorious) but the blogger has loads of beautiful ideas which she shares on her site. My favourites are the Christmassy gift-tags. They’re way nicer than the ones you can buy and they’re so easy to make! Print and write, job done.

Photo courtesy of Amy Moss at eatdrinkchic.com

You should also check here, here and here for more gorg gift-tags you can print out to pimp your presents.

I know these technically aren’t fashion-related, but your gifts have to look good, too!

freebies_xmaspattern_06 Photo courtesy of Amy Moss at eatdrinkchic.com

Peace on earth and good will to all!

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