Greetings and welcome! As you’ll know, our beloved Chic Librarian is up, up and away on her own adventure, so I’ll be keeping  y’all up to date and in good company while she’s gone.

And WOW, what a week to start! Wellington is fully glammed up for the World of Wearable Art shows, and I wanted to share my personal picks of the store window-dressing comp that’s on at the mo. You’ll have to forgive the quality of some of these photos; window glare is a foul opponent.

So here you have it, the premier Style Edit:

This one is a personal fave, crafted on behalf of her employer by the ever-swanky Amber Sweet, whose fab blog you can follow here. You can check her design in person on Manners St!

I also love this; pretty sure I recall seeing it last year but I can’t resist the gorgeous flowers and the touch of whimsy – also, colourful heels are always a winner for me.

This beauty was spotted on Cuba, in a window that regularly sports gorgeous styles and outfit ideas. So only makes sense that their WOW entry, well, wows. Real water! Amaze! And yes, those are tiny goldfish swimming around in the paddling pool.

I wish I could show you the front of this one, because it is GLORIOUS. But the window-glare gods said no. So I hope you enjoy this side-view sneak peak, and you can check it for yourself in Cuba Mall.


WOWza. Also worth a peak in person; you can find it on Willis Street.

And, if the recycled fashion extravaganza has spiked your interest in DIY fashion, you should check out our catalogue! We have loads of books that will help! I suggest DIY Fashion by Selena Francis Bryden; it only contains ideas that require no prior skill or a sewing machine. Sweet! We’ve also ordered DIY Fashionista by Geneva Vanderzeil; it isn’t on the shelf yet but you can reserve it here.

Or, you could always make a hula hoop handbag, just like Karl Lagerfeld…

Until next week!