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Fashion Friday

16.12.11 | Comment?

The fear of makeup – WAH!
Syndetics book coverPretty the Nylon book of beauty / text by Fiorella Valdesolo ; design by Josh Gurrie.

Fear no longer ladies – I’m taking this issue in hand.  Now it’s the time of year for parties – end of year, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, you name it – it’s time to dress up (which I love), and time to be glam with the makeup (which I have NO IDEA about).  Yes, I admit it – I’m a makeup novice.
Of course, there is this cool book by Nylon mag to help, which offers simple, step-by-step beauty and makeup advice.   But actually watching someone else really helps!
So, if Youtube’s good for anything it’s makeup tutorials – they have a plethora of them.  Here’s a couple of really easy, really workable looks I found.

You know I love pink lipstick!

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

And for the more experienced and truly brave – try this out!

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