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Trailer Tuesday

15.11.11 | Comment?

Hey you guys, this is an exciting Trailer Tuesday! Sure, the other ones are exciting too (I would be the first to admit) but this is a bit more exciting. For at long last there is a proper trailer out for the teen coming-of-age adventure/dystopian nightmare horror, The Hunger Games. It really looks exactly how I (and therefore probably you) imagined it. Watch it below:

What do you think? Pretty spot-on, or a miss? Team Peeta or Team Gale (GALE). Woody Harrelson’s wig?

Snow White and the Hunstman is coming soon. Kristen Stewart is Snow White and Charlize Theron chews through the scenery as the evil queen, who hires Thor to hunt down Bella. Not sure about the dwarf situation! Unfortunately this is one trailer I can not embed, so please view it here.


Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island is the sequel to Journey to the Centre of the Earth (both are based on Jules Verne books). It has Peeta in it, along with Dwayne Johnson and bees! Giant bees!


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