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Cool Library Tools

19.09.11 | 1 Comment

If you’re not happy unless you have your technology all fully customised, and tools are your best friend, then you’ll be interested in this page here, which tells you all the Wellington City Libraries Web 2.0 gadgets you can use. The page features such gems as:

  1. a browser search add-on (you can search the library catalogue from the comfort of the search bar in the top right corner of your browser)
  2. the library lookup link (which allows you to check to see if the library’s got a copy of the book you’re looking at on amazon, or wherever)
  3. a GoodReads custom booklink (again, you can check easily to see if the book on your To Read shelf is available at the library)
  4. and much more.

I sometimes think libraries are like the human brain: we only take advantage of about 5% of their capacity. Here’s your opportunity to put the library through its paces.

One thought on “Cool Library Tools

  1. Mme Beaulac says:

    We, an english class at a Canadian Middle school, loves your blog.