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Fashion Friday

15.07.11 | Comment?


The elderly – um, right?
When I was a teenager a 21 year old seemed positively ancient, but according to Refinery 29 grandmas are the new ‘it girls’.  Now I’ve been into granny chic for a while (though not literally grannies), so maybe there’s something we can all learn from 70+ crowd?  Let’s face it style does come in all shapes and sizes – AND ages!

Advanced Style is a whole street-style blog dedicated to fashionable seniors.  They even have their own youtube channel – check it out.

(There’s an even better clip for Advanced Style that you can watch over at Nowness that I love too).



Body snarking and calling people fat (seeing as we’re being all inclusive today).  Check out the Nicola Formichetti furore.

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