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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

12.07.11 | Comment?


To begin with, here is an actual government website from the US on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Prepared!

In the Wellington City Libraries we also have…

Zombie survival guide: complete protection from the living dead/ Max Brooks.

This wonderful book from the non fiction section covers everything you need to get prepared when the undead attack. Need to defend a building? Head out into the bush? Which weapon works best against the undead? Seriously it’s all covered. And one of the important things I learnt from this book – NEVER set fire to a zombie. They take a long time to burn and keep walking. Major fire hazard.

The Teen’s Guide to World Domination: advice on life, liberty, and the pursuit of awesomeness / Josh Shipp

Sure, surviving is definitely going to be a priority at least initially. But after a while it’s just not going to be enough. This book will help you work out a plan to not just make it through the zombie attacks – but take over the world at the same time. Also covers disasters involving ninjas, pirates and parents.


Zombies vs Unicorns/ Compiled by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier

As well as being a great read, this book is excellent for researching possible scenarios for outbreaks, and everyday life once zombies are a widespread problem. What if you are babysitting kids that seem to have bad balance and are kept in a locked room? What if you are a zombie and fall in love with a human who has a father who hunts zombies? What if the zombies are also pirates? Also good for unicorns – particularly the wanting to kill people kind of unicorn for some reason.

Zombie Cupcakes / Zilly Rosen

Because you can. Yummy, yummy zombies.

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