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June 2011

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  • Music, New, Synthesiser Patel

    New Music: International Edition

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    the kills

    Blood Pressure – The Kills
    Boy/Girl duo’s brand
    new adventures in lo-fi

    maston blood mountain

    Blood Mountain – Mastodon
    Mammoth species
    lived from the Oligocene
    through to Pleistocene.

    lady gaga born this way

    Born This Way – Lady Gaga
    banned in Lebanon due to
    controversial themes.

    big time rush

    BTR – Big Time Rush
    Manufactured band
    with a TV show. Is there
    any other way?

    panic at the disco

    Vices & Virtues – Panic! At The Disco
    Two members exit
    and the punctuation mid
    band name reappears.

    glee 6

    Glee, The Music: Volume Six
    Placeholding series
    of syllables, no further
    insight to offer.


    Where Did The Night Fall – Unkle
    Unkle can always
    be relied upon to make
    great videos, see.

    architecture is helsinki

    Moment Bends – Architecture In Helsinki
    features adorn buildings of
    Finland’s capital.

    Coming soon, New Music: New Zealand Edition

  • Trailers, Vic Ferrari

    Trailer Tuesday

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    This week it is a special E3 edition of Trailer Tuesday. Hurrah! Games!

    One of the most exciting things previewed at E3 this year was not actually a game, rather a new Nintendo console, the Wii U.

    Pretty sweet, right? There isn’t an official release date, so don’t start holding your breath just yet.

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is getting some game of the year buzz based on this trailer

    Fair enough too. Sadly (for XBox 360 owners like me) it’s a PS3 exclusive. Out November-ish.

    There is a new Assassins Creed game on the way, Assassins Creed Revelations.

    No gameplay in there, but doesn’t it look cool? Well, doesn’t it? 15th November on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    This trailer for Halo 4 is the epitome of a “teaser trailer”

    We can assume it will be awesome though. Out sometime in 2012.

    If you would like to read more about E3 and games in general, look insde the pages of these magazines; Playstation: Official Magazine and 360 XBox

    Bye for now!

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

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    Japanese street style can seem so out-there, over the top and downright crazy it seems unimaginable that it can be so influential on the fashion world. Yet you can’t deny it is interesting, thoughtful and has wonderfully varied and complex inspirations.

    Right now I’m feeling inspired by a very specific and detailed fashion phenomenon from Japan known as mori girl style which is a foresty, Native American and 1970s kind of look (think Princess Mononoke– ish).   And also dolly kei style, which is similar, but more folkloric, fairy tale-ish, Victorian, antique and magical (phew!).  Susie Bubble recently did a great post about her experiences in Tokyo with this look – check it out here.

    And before you say ‘WTF’ just think about those brown, granny-style ankle boots your wearing and just where exactly that trend may have come from!   However, I concede obviously I’d look like a total idiot in a mori outft, but there’s plenty of aspects to this look to draw on. (I like Susie’s interpretation as it’s a bit more wearable).

    Check out Grimore the vintage shop feeding the trend.

    And here’s an explanation of mori style.

  • Isn't that cool?, Music, Not Library Related, Synthesiser Patel

    Synthesiser Patel’s Synthesiser Of The Week

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    This week I was going to write a post about the regular theremin, but after finding the video below, that post can wait.

    This man, Ken Moore, has made a homemade theremin out of a wiimote, LED gloves and a Roland synthesiser. It’s that kind of forward thinking that earns you the title of “Synthesiser of the week”. He has a blog here with more theremin related goodness.

    If you’ve now been inspired and you’d now like to build your own theremin, you can! This mini theremin from Make magazine is very reasonably priced and cute.

  • Grimm, New

    New Fiction

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    Some make-believe to counterbalance all the non-fiction. Lots and lots of fairies, plus a mermaid and one or two regular folk.

    Beauty Queens, Libba Bray (390 pages) – <3 the cover. Don’t be fooled! This is not just a book about lipstick as ammunition, and aqua bikinis with little white dots. This is kind of beauty pageant meets Lost (the TV programme), complete with pirates and a few lessons in feminism. The premise: a plane carrying the fifty contestants in the Miss Teen Dream Pageant crashes on a deserted island, leaving them to fend for themselves: “welcome to the heart of non-exfoliated darkness” (book cover.

    First sentence: “Are you all right?”

    Tempestuous, Lesley Livingston (361 pages) – the conclusion to the trilogy (Wondrous Strange and Darklight are the other two) in which Kelley Winslow discovers she is not only a Shakespearean actor but also a powerful fairy in a world she didn’t know existed. Kelley’s determined to get Sonny back, but she must also find out who’s trying to make the Janus Guards go over to the dark side, try and rebuild her theatre company, and not get distracted by the Fenrys Wolf (in a love triangle sort of way).

    First sentence: The antique black carriage sped through the night, its tall spoked wheels whirring, skimming the surface of the river as though the spectral horse that pulled it followed a paved track.

    The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Wild, Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon (348 pages) – if you read and enjoyed The Call of the Wild and White Fang then this might interest you. It’s a fictionalised account of Jack London’s teenage life, where he finds himself heading for the Yukon in search of gold. What greets him is kidnapping, slavery and murder, and a supernatural twist. It’s also beautifully illustrated, in the style of a Jack London novel.

    First sentence: Jack London stood on the deck of the Umatilla and looked out upon the docks of San Francisco, wondering how long it would be before he saw the city again.

    Born at Midnight, C C Hunter (398 pages) – The first in a new supernatural series. After getting into trouble Kylie is sent to a camp for troubled teens, but it quickly becomes clear they’re not just ordinary teens. Plus: Kylie’s not a normal teen either. To complicate matters there’s Derek and Lucas.

    First sentence: “This isn’t funny!” her father yelled.

    The Dead I Know, Scot Gardner (208 pages) – scarily, Aaron is a sleepwalker. More so, he has weird unexplainable dreams and blanks where there should be memories. He must uncover the truth about his past in order to ensure his safe future. A gripping psychodrama.

    First sentence: The office of JKB Funerals was a majestic orange-brick addition to a modest orange-brick house.

    Illusions, Aprilynne Pike (375 pages) – following on from Wings and Spells. Laurel finds herself in a bind: “As her senior year of high school starts, Laurel is just beginning to adjust to Tamani’s absence when he suddenly reappears, telling her he must guard her against the returning threat of the trolls that pose a danger both to her and to Avalon.” (Library catalogue)

    First sentence: The halls of Del Norte High buzzed with first-day-of-school chaos as Laurel wedged herself through a crowd of sophomores and spotted David’s broad shoulders.

    Forgive My Fins, Tera Lynn Childs (293 pages) – Lily Sanderson is part human, part mermaid, and this has been the cause of much inner turmoil for her. Trying to find where she belongs, she’s enrolled (as a human) in Seaview High School and things are going well: there’s even Brody. Trouble is, mermaids bond for life, which isn’t necessarily the best scenario for high school, and to top it off, her efforts to win Brody’s heart without letting on who she really is are sure to get her into a large pickle.

    First sentence: Water calms me.

    The Iron Queen, Julie Kagawa (359 pages) – following on from The Iron King and The Iron Daughter. Meghan is half fairy, half human, and is being pulled into a conflict against the Iron Fey: a conflict she may not survive. All this while being torn from Ash, who seems to be quite special, judging by the rave reviews he’s been getting on the www.

    First sentence: Eleven years ago, on my sixth birthday, my father disappeared.

    Tales from the Tower, Volume 1: The Wilful Eye (302 pages) – six short stories by authors including Margaret Mahy, Margo Lanagan and Isobelle Carmody. The premise: each writer takes a classic fairytale and “casts their own spell upon it.” The results are stories for fairy tale enthusiasts who like their fairytales gritty and provocative, rather than happily ever after-ish.

    First sentence (from ‘Catastrophic Disruption of the Head’ by Margo Lanagan): Who believes in his own death?

  • Grimm, Library, New

    Read a New eBook on Your Device

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    What’s new in the WCL young adult eBook collection? Well, quite a lot actually, and here’s a sample:






    Other generally cool titles of interest

    Plus: The Girl Who Was On Fire (non-fiction)

    Browse the eBook fiction catalogue for more.

    eBooks are free to borrow for two weeks (no overdues even!): all you need is a Wellington City Libraries card, an internet-connected computer or smartphone (or other e-reading device – but not a Kindle, sadly), and some free software you can download.


  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Magazines 8/6/11

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    New Magazines! Presented without commentary!

    Dolly June 2011 
    Teen Vogue June/July 2011
    Kiwi Surf June/July 2011
    Official Australian Playstation Magazine June 2011
    Transworld Skateboarding May 2011 
    Australian Mad #464
    Entertainment Weekly #1153
    And three Simpsons comics

  • Jack, New, Non-fiction

    Still More New Non-Fiction

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    pocket fantasy artPocket fantasy art: the very best in contemporary fantasy art and illustration. Full of pictures that would be equally at home in a White Dwarf magazine or on the cover of a badass metal album. Here are some of the sections to give you an overview; Brawny Barbarians and Hulky Heroes, Sirens and Seductresses, Myths and Monsters.

    film school101 things I learned in film school by Neil Landau with Matthew Frederick. Handy hints for every stages of making a film, be it script-writing, filming, editing or even pitching an idea. An indispensible guide for budding filmakers and screenwriters from an accomplished industry veteran.

    from sometimesFrom sometimes love Beth: An adventure in postcards by Beth Sometimes. Beth Sometimes wrote a postcard (and drew on the front side too) to someone every day for a year and compiled them as she did so. This is the result. It’s kind of like I zine I guess. Funny and cute images and some postcard facts at the beginning as well.

    ready madeReady made: how to make (almost) everything. Chairs, bathmats, aprons, chandeliers – with this book you can make all of these things relatively easily and out of mostly recycled materials. Crazy, right? Fill your house with all of these things and it will make you seem like you are a quirky indie-comedy film character.

    diy fashionD.I.Y. Fashion: Customize & Personalize by Selena Francis-Bryden. Do you have some old pants that you don’t like anymore? Just turn it into a skirt, dummy! Do you need a new dress? Cut up your Dad’s old t-shirts and make one yourself, idiot! Turn those old jeans into a tie, or a cushion. Why didn’t you think of that?

    top gear top drivesTop Gear: Top drives, road trips of a lifetime in the world’s most dramatic locations. If you are a car enthusiast, maybe this is your bucket list? Photos of fancy cars driving all over the world along with words that describe the photos. Sometimes the cars are themed for the country they are in, like a ute in Australia (lol), sometimes they aren’t, like a Ford Mondeo in Russia.

    kelly slaterKelly Slater: for the love by Kelly Slater with Phil Jarratt. Kelly Slater’s real first name is Robert, but Kelly sounds a bit “cooler” and “chill”, so therefore more ideally suited to surfing. That is just one of many Kelly Slater facts in this book. There are lots of nice photos of beaches and other nice photos of Kelly Slater moodily staring off into the middle distance.

    Now here are some books that list things. The titles are self-explanatory, so I need not elaborate. 101 Cult movies you must see before you die, 101 Sc-fi movies you must see before you die, 501 Great artists, 1001 Albums you must hear before you die and 1001 Songs you must hear before you die. That’s an awful lot of things to get through before you die, best get to it.

  • Jack, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

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    Here are the the trailers for this Tuesday, the seventh day of June.

    The most noteworthy one is Breaking Dawn, obviously.

    OMG, is that u, Taylor bb? U look so buff! RPattz who? #teamlautner

    Here is the second trailer for The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

    You know how I would get out of this mess? Use the gas to make smart bears and then be nice to them so they would help fight the apes. #teamursidae

    Torment by Lauren Kate – won Most Angelic Angel Falling to Earth category in the 2011 Moby Awards for book trailers

    Lastly, this book trailer for Wild Fire didn’t win the Worst Book Trailer category in the Moby Awards (it was nominated), but perhaps it should’ve.

  • Jack, New, Non-fiction

    More New Non-Fiction

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    Here is some more of the new non-fiction, hurrah!

    top gearThe big book of Top Gear 2010. I am sure you have seen the television show and therefore have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The cover says that this time they are slightly on fire, so there is sure to be at least one dangerous mishap. At least.

    michipediaWhat on earth are you wearing? A Michipedia of fashion by Chloe Quigley. Before thumbing through this book I was uncertain as to what exactly a “Michipedia” was. I now see that it is like an encyclopedia, but more fashion-y, water colour illustrated and with a humorous intent. Nothing like some fashion lolz.

    graffiti planetGraffiti Planet 2 compiled and introduced by KET. It’s a book of graffiti from all over the planet and is the second volume in its’ particular series. More than a hundred images from a bevy of artists. That’s right, a bevy.

    how to rapHow to rap: The art and science of the hip-hop MC by Paul Edwards. Rappers explaining how they go about their rapping so that you too can be a rapper. Which is nice of them. Tip: pay closer attention to what the likes of Pharoahe Monch and the Wu-Tang kids have to say than Will.I.Am, you’ll be better off.

    how to talk to girlshow to talk to boysHow to talk to boys by Dianne Todaro and How to talk to girls  by Jonathan Toussaint. Two books filled with tips on how to talk to the opposite sex. Then what to do once you’ve used your new-found flirting skills to enter into a meaningful relaish. Also there are authentic real life stories inside.

    Even more coming soon!

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