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  • Librarian's Choice, Music, New, Synthesiser Patel

    The Haiku Machine

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     travis barker

    Give the drummer some – Travis Barker
    Claims made of “no one
    genre” are false. I know nu-
    metal all too well.


    Hurley – Weezer
    Michael Cera guests,
    to play the hurdy gurdy.
    – Source, good ‘ole wiki.

    body talk 1

    Body Talk pt. 1 – Robyn
    Now is as good a
    time as any to link to
    Librarians choice

    body talk 2

    Body Talk pt. 2 – Robyn
    Of course we also
    recommend this, the second
    installment highly.

    jesus and mary chain

    Upside Down: The Best Of – The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Scarlett Johansson’s
    first backing band’s previous
    career chronicled.

    attack and release

    Attack & Release – The Black Keys
    Ably assisted
    by a man dressed as a mouse
    who provides keyboards.


    Euphoric Heartbreak – Glasvegas
    band names deserve album names
    to suit I suppose.

    another clubbers guide

    Clubbers Guide 2011 – Ministry Of Sound
    Back cover uses
    type that causes Bs to look
    exactly like Ds

  • Grimm, New

    More New Books

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    The Girl Who Was On Fire, edited by Leah Wilson (210 pages) – young adult authors write about the Hunger Games phenomenon, including Jennifer Lynn Barnes on Team Katniss (i.e. Katniss is a character quite apart from which team she chooses); Blythe Woolston on trauma, PTSD, what it’s all about and how it works in the Hunger Games trilogy; Terri Clark on the fashion genius that is Cinna; Carrie Ryan on reality TV’s relationship with fiction, and much more!

    Skin: The Bare Facts, Lori Bergamotto (97 pages) – learn about your skin! What makes it tick, what’s good for it, what really really isn’t, how to keep it healthy and much more!

    Teen Cuisine, Matthew Lcrocchio (207 pages) – pages and pages of recipes, from New York style pizza dough to Grits and cheddar cheese souffles, with pulled pork sandwiches in between: cook like an American chef! There’s also a section on fondue parties, and much more!


    The Haunting of Charles Dickens, Lewis Buzbee (350 pages) – Charles Dickens, stricken with writer’s block, takes to roaming the streets of London. Meg’s brother, Orion, has disappeared, and she goes out looking for him, and in her lookings bumps into Mr Dickens. Together they must try to solve the msytery of what happened to Orion; hopefully a byproduct being a cure for Mr Dickens’ writer’s block.

    First sentences: London. Mid-summer night nearly upon us.

    So Shelly, Ty Roth (325 pages) – John Keats and Gordon Byron are both friends with Michelle “Shelly” Shelley (see here for some info), but not each other. When Shelly is killed in a sailing accident, Byron and Keats steal her ashes and go on the sailing equivalent of a road trip, to lay her to rest.

    First sentence: Most of us like to believe that we are born to do great things, maybe even to be famous.

    Illegal, Bettina Restrepo (251 pages) – After her father disappears in Texas, Nora and her mother must leave Mexico to search for him, crossing the border illegally.

    First sentence: “When will you be back?” I asked, holding Papa’s hand at the bus stop.

    The Water Wars, Cameron Stracher (240 pages) – in a dystopian future water is scarce and people are dying, but Kai flies in the face of this, letting drops of water spill from his cup, and claiming he knows a government secret. And then he disappears.

    First sentence: The year before he joined the Reclamation, when he was still seventeen, my brother Will set a new high score at the YouToo! booth at the gaming centre.

    Hothouse, Chris Lynch (198 pages) – When DJ and Russell’s fathers are both killed in a firefighting accident they must come to terms with their loss, and also being minor macabre celebrities in their town, as sons of heroes.

    First sentence: “Are ya winnin’?”

    Babe in Boyland, Jody Gehrman (292 pages) – Natalie’s love relationship advice at school is rubbish, so she does the only thing you can do: enrols herself in a private boys’ boarding school, as a boy. That way she can learn how boys think, see, but things get a bit tricky when she falls for her hot roommate.

    First sentence: My name is Natalie Rowan.

    The Gathering, Kelley Armstrong (359 pages) – Maya has a paw-print birthmark on her hip. This is the only clue to her background, and who her birth parents were. Now strange things are happening in her town: unexplained deaths, and mountain lions are approaching her, plus there’s a sexy new guy in town complicating things. The first book in a new trilogy!

    First sentence: Serena stood on the rock ledge twenty feet above the lake, singing in a voice known to bring tears to the eyes of everyone who heard it.

  • Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Wednesday

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    I was away yesterday, so here’s Trailer Tuesday on a Wednesday. It’s a good one! The new teaser for Tintin : The Secret of the Unicorn has been released, and doesn’t it look goooooooood

    It’s in 3D, as usual, but I place my faith in Spielberg’s (and Peter Jackson’s!) immensely talented hands.

    Here’s a new teaser for Super 8, which we’ve mention before. It’s mostly people screaming! And some explosions.

    Here’s a comedy called Zookeeper. I don’t know how I feel about talking animals. It’s kind of weird? Unless they’re animated, then it’s not too chilling.

    I wonder if Snowy talks in the Tintin movie?


  • Grimm, New

    New Books

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    A Match Made in High School, Kristin Walker (278 pages) – some bright spark teacher at Fiona’s high school has decided to make her class do the mother of all social experiments/class projects called “Trying the Knot”: they have to be “married” for a year, and the mandatory pairings produce a story that is “laugh-out-loud funny, unpredictable, and fresh”, says Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

    First sentence: I should have known.

    The Sweet Life of Stella Madison, Lara M Zeises (228 pages) – read this if you like culinary things. Stella is the daughter of a famous chef (father) and restaurant owner (mother), but she’s more into food of the fast variety, so when she lands a summer job as a food writer she’s in for a challenge. But the summer also brings on other challenges of the relationship variety, with her own confused romances, and the lives of her separated parents.

    Last line: “So what’s for dinner?” I say. “I’m starving.”

    Leverage, Joshua C Cohen (425 pages) – the author is a gymnast and acrobat: the photo on the back cover proves it to be so. Anyhow Leverage is about the cauldron of high school sport, and the friendship between the school fullback (American football has fullbacks: Friday Night Lights taught me so) and a gymnast that grows out of the wake of what the book calls a “violent, steroid-infused, ever-escalating prank war”. [Edited to add: It’s not for the faint hearted.]

    First sentence: The high bar’s chalky bite threatens to rip the yellowed calluses right off my palms at the bottom of the swing, where the pull is heaviest.

    The Iron Witch, Karen Mahoney (289 pages) – Donna Underwood needs Harry Potter as a mentor! Practically an orphan after the fey attacked and killed her father and drove her mother mad, she’s left with injuries that are magically fixed, but her hands and arms are covered with iron tattoos. Which makes her a powerful weapon in the war between humans and fairies. So, when her best friend is abducted by wood elves, Donna must accept her fate in order to save her friend (with the help of the gorgeous Xan).

    First sentence: My father died saving my life when I was seven years old.

    Abandon, Meg Cabot (292 pages) – A new Meg Cabot series! Following an accident (and while being worked on by hospital staff) Pierce died briefly and visited the Underworld, where she met a mysterious boy. The following year, a mysterious boy shows up at her school: the same mysterious boy. He wants to take her back. You might learn something about Persephone and Greek mythology while reading.

    First sentence: Anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

    The Dark Flight Down, Marcus Sedgwick (234 pages) – the conclusion to The Book of Dead Days. Boy and Willow are held captive in the Emperor Frederick’s palace where they are in constant danger, and must follow a “deadly trail” that will lead them to the Phantom. A gothic fantasy thriller.

    First sentence: Midnight at the Imperial Court of Emperor Frederick III.

    Chime, Franny Billingsley (361 pages) – Briony is a witch, a fact that she keeps secret on pain of death. She thinks herself to be dark and evil, until Eldric arrives and refuses to believe there is anything bad about her. Can his faith in her save her from death or insanity? “A wild, haunting mystery and romance,” says the cover.

    First sentence: I’ve confessed to everything and I’d like to be hanged.

    Afterlife, Claudia Gray (360 pages) – over to you, back cover: “Packed with romance, suspense and page-turning drama, Afterlife delivers a heart-stopping conclusion that won’t disappoint the many fans who have made the Evernight series such a runaway success.” So yes basically, if you’ve been reading Evernight you must read this one!

    First sentence: “Sunrise is coming,” Balthazar said.

    Still Sucks to be Me, Kimberly Pauley (374 pages) – Mina is a teen vampire, who has had to fake her own death in order to deal with the whole never-aging problem. Sensible! So, she’s had to move to a new town, without her bff and her boyfriend, where she finds herself in relationship tangles that even “vampire superstrength” can’t sort. The sequel to Sucks to be Me.

    First sentence: I, Mina Hamilton, am officially dead.

    Blink & Caution, Tim Wynne-Jones (342 pages) – cool cover (there are, like, bullet holes)! Blink and Caution are actually people, on the run (separately) until they run into each other, with Blink the unfortunate only witness to a crime and Caution escaping from her drug-dealer boyfriend. Can they work together to get out of their messes, and maybe perhaps begin an unlikely friendship?

    First sentence: Look up at the Plaza Regent, Blink, in the shivery morning light.

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Magazines 14/5/11

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    FINALLY. Here are the latest YA magazines for you.

    XBox 360 Aug 2011 – Gears of War 3, Call of Du … hey, there’s an expansion for Fable 3 now?
    White Dwarf April 2011 – I got nothin’
    Teen Vogue May 2011 – ‘Sunny Style.’ Fashion tips from (the marvelous) Nicki Minaj! “Lately, I find myself in Versace and Alexander McQueen.”
    Simpsons Comics #172 –  What it says on the label; a comic about the Simpsons
    Girlfriend May 2011 – ‘Hell Yeah, Tumblr’
    Transworld Skateboarding – …
    Dolly May 2011 – ‘How to talk to guys’, ‘Could you date the Biebs?’

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

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    Sydney just hosted Australian Fashion Week last week. It’s always interesting to follow as Australia are our closest fashion neighbours and, while the clothes aren’t that groundbreaking-ga ga-esque-creative or anything, it’s cool to see what they’re up to. Also the collections are much more accessible aren’t they – I’m more likely to be able to purchase something from Lover than Chanel, right. (Well, in my dreams).
    These are some of my favourites.

    Unique and artistic floral prints at Therese Rawsthorne and Stolen Girlfriends Club.
    Perfectly matched hues and white shirts at Arnsdorf.
    Lacey goodness at Lover.

    (All the images come from New Zealand blog Katherine is Awesome.  Her posts on RAFW are worth checking out as she was actually there.)



    Jor-jeggings?   What are they?  Jorts and jeggings – are you kidding me?!

  • Adrienne, Events, zombies

    Zombies Vs. Gleeks: Register Now

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    Registrations are open now for the Zombies Vs. Gleeks Trivia Night.

    Places are limited – get in quick.

    May 27th, 6.30pm, Wellington Central Library

  • Axe L. Waddington, Events, NZ Music Month, Pencil it in your diaries

    New Zealand Music Month at Wellington City Libraries

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    Ash Graham 16 year old singer songwriter who is one of the performers for NZ Music Month.

    It’s May! So once again it’s New Zealand Music Month. What’s the Library doing this year to celebrate & profile Wellington musicians?  Well…

    This May, Wellington libraries will turn into temporary concert venues – showcasing young local talent. Up-and-coming young artists will perform afternoon gigs at Wellington Central Library and at the Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie), Newtown, Johnsonville and Karori branch libraries. These free events will take place Monday 16 to Friday 20 May.


    – Kilbirnie on Monday 16 from 4 to 5pm
    – Newtown on Tuesday 17 from 4 to 5pm
    – Johnsonville on Wednesday 18 from 4 to 5pm
    – Karori on Thursday 19 from 4 to 5pm
    – Central on Friday 20 from 4 to 5pm

    There will also be evening performances at ZEAL and The Jimmy Bar at the St James Theatre.

    Wellington City Council is organising these live performances in partnership with Play It Strange, a trust established in 2003 to encourage young New Zealanders to develop interests and skills in songwriting and musical performance.

    Other Music Month events include a series of Music Workshops.

    On Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 May Toi Poneke Arts Centre will hold free workshops for independent musicians. The workshop on Monday is for musicians who want to break into the Australian market and will be full of hits and tips for people who have already crossed the Tasman.

    This is followed on Tuesday with the launch of the Instrumental’s Musician’s Publicity Toolkit – with a live performance from Mara TK. The toolkit is a musician’s essential guide to self-publicity and online marketing.

    A full list of events, times and venues in Wellington for New Zealand Music Month can be found on the Toi Poneke Arts Centre’s Facebook page

    Further facebook details with a full list of performers after the jump

    Read more…

  • Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

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    Trailer! Tuesday! This week; books!

    This book is titled Die For Me, and is the first in a series called Revenants, by Amy Plum. It’s about a newly orphaned girl who has to move to Paris (oh the tragedy), where she meets and falls for good-looking Revenant, Vincent Delacroix.

    Forever, by Maggie Stiefvater,  is the third (and last!) book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series (following on from Shiver and Linger). Here is the trailer!

    Divergent, by Veronica Roth, is the first in a planned trilogy. It’s a ‘dystopian thriller’, and apparently the filming rights have been purchased already.  The trailer looks pretty! I can’t hear it though, as I am on a public desk, multi-tasking.

  • Music, New, Synthesiser Patel

    Gold Soundz

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    Deerhoof vs. Evil – Deerhoof
    Cuddly avant garde
    popsters fight evil forces.
    Yoshimi redux?


    Basic Instinct – Ciara
    First Lady of “Crunk
    ‘n B” rounds bases, covers
    all with hits. Home run.

    bright eyes

    The People’s Key – Brights Eyes
    Conor Oberst’s band
    name reminds me of Bonnie
    . Can’t help it.


    Crack The Skye – Mastodon
    Mammoth riffing from
    prehistoric pachyderm
    namesake metal band.

    wasting light

    Wasting Light – Foo Fighters
    Dave Grohl and his pals
    finally deliver on
    long made promises.

    lykke li

    Wounded Rhymes – Lykke Li
    Sweden takes further
    monopoly on pop songs
    worth blogging about.

    rise against

    Endgame – Rise Against
    This week in angsty
    radio punk broadcasting
    from America.

    Now That’s What I Call Music 35 – Various Artists
    Currently these are
    the songs EMI Records
    are calling music.

    A State Of Trance 2011 – Armin Van Buuren
    Not hypnotism
    related, rather it is
    dance music instead.

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