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19.05.11 | Comment?

Every year around this time the American TV networks announce what they’ve got planned for the new season, then the world gets to see what American shows will be wending their ways to their tellies and computers over the next few months. Here’s a selection!

Grimm (excellently named) is from the producers of Buffy and Angel. The premise is that a policeman in an American town learns he’s the last descendant of the Grimms, a family of bad fairy tale creature hunters: suddenly he can see normal-looking citizens for what they really are, shape-shifters up to no good. Here’s a trailer:

Similarly, Once Upon a Time, from the Lost writers, is about a town full of fairy tale characters who think they’re normal folks and don’t realise their true identities (which will be revealed to them in good time). Here’s the trailer. You might like to brush up on your fairy tale knowledge: here are the offerings from the brothers Grimm, or you can download Grimm’s Fairy Tales for free from Project Gutenberg here.

The Secret Circle follows in the steps of The Vampire Diaries, being based on the book series by L J Smith (read the books first: they’re in the library!). Sixteen year old Cassie moves with her mother to New Salem, and discovers that she’s a part of a coven of witches. Read a bit more here.

There is also Napoleon Dynamite, an animated series based on the very successful movie of the same name ($4.00 from the general DVD collection), an excellent example of when geek chic goes all pear shaped.

Revenge stars Eric from Gossip Girl, and is set in the Hamptons, so expect intrigue, backstabbing, and fabulous elite individuals. The trailer is here.

Plenty to look forward to.

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