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Fashion Friday

01.04.11 | Comment?


51E0xsEfUzL__SL500_AA300_Rockin : the rockabilly scene.

This week I’m feeling all 1950s, retro, nostalgic and really liking a rock ‘n’ roll kind of look – full skirts, ponytails, scarves and polka dots.   And for a 2011 interpretation – red lips, animal print, cats-eye glasses and denim.  One of my inspirations is this photography book.  It chronicles the style of modern rockabillies for whom 1950s fashion and rockabilly music is a way of life.
Wanda Jackson – also an inspiration! – is a fantastic 74 year old who’s known as the ‘Queen of Rockabilly‘.  She once dated Elvis Presley and was known for her shapely fringed dresses.  Wanda’s  just released a new album, produced by Jack White (of the White Stripes) – here’s the first song.


1990s style is well and truly back, and that’s cool – I love grunge and Kurt Cobain.  But lets not forget what the 90s really looked like.  Just as I’d never tell you to dress head to toe in 1950s clothes,  I recommend you don’t take the 1990s too literally either.  Fashionista did this handy post about 90s mall fashion to remind us what people really wore back then.  You have been warned!

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