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New Mags 21/01/11

21.03.11 | Comment?

There are loads of new magazines. Loads! One day they will be old magazines, and sold in the library booksale maybe.

Transworld Skateboarding
Feb 2011 – Began in 1983
Australian Mad Magazine #463 –  Began  in 1952. In its ‘golden years’
Creme April 2011 –  Began in 1999. Just a baby!
Simpsons Comics #171 –  Born in 1993 and still going strong, evidently
Entertainment Weekly #1143, #1144 – Started about 1144 weeks ago (obvs), in 1990
Playstation Magazine March 2011 –  Either began in 1997 or 2007, depending on your perspective
Official Australia and New Zealand XBox 360 #65 –  Appeared in 2001, if you’re still interested
Dolly Magazine March 2011 – I guess with a name like ‘Dolly’ it sort of makes sense this magazine appeared in 1970
Girlfriend March 2011 –  I don’t know. The early 90s maybe? Pfft.

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