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New Magazines 25/02/10

02.03.11 | Comment?

The first magazine was published in 1731. 1731! That’s a long time ago. Ten years later the Little Ice Age peaked. Three centuries later the first teen magazines came into existence, and here we are.

Bart Simpson #41 – Another issue in the library’s most heavily borrowed item
Transworld Skateboarding January 2011 – It must be pretty nice to make your living from skateboarding …
Kiwi Surf  Feb/March 2011 – … or surfing
Kiwi Surf : Sequence Special – Two Kiwi Surfs in a single month. Whoah dude
Official Australian and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #64 – Will 2011 be the biggest year of gaming ever? WILL IT?!
Seventeen March 2011 – Incredibly specific horoscopes. Aquarius: ‘When the most exclusive clique at school suddenly asks you to hang out, you’ll be shocked – but curious enough to test the waters!’
Entertainment Weekly #1142 – The invaluable pop-culture guide for anyone who cares.

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