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Trailer Tuesday

08.02.11 | Comment?

The Superbowl – America’s premier lawn bowls championship playoff thing – was yesterday, and during the ads many new film trailers were screened for films that we can not wait to see! (And subsequently stock in the library, of course.)

Here, we’ve embedded some. The first two are superheroes; Captain America and Thor. I suspect they’re leading up to the eventual Avengers film (this won’t make any sense to anyone not familiar with Marvel comics).


Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Seas, the fourth film in the series based on a theme park ride, has a new trailer. Pirates! Zombies! The usual! No Jack Davenport though! :`(

Here’s one for a film called Super 8 which is maybe about aliens? I’ve not done much research.

Transformers : Dark Side of the Moon has a new trailer! (Hopefully it is better than the last one, frankly.)

Battle LA seems to be a mixture of the last two films, in so far as mass destruction by aliens goes. Which is all the way to the bank!

Cowboys & Aliens. Sure, why not? The title is pretty literal. It is what it says on the label.

The End.

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