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New Magazines 5/2/11

04.02.11 | Comment?

What’s new in the world of teen magazines this week? Allow me to tell you.

Playstation Magazine Febrary 2011 – Uncharted 3; the ‘biggest game of 2011’? Maybe, could be I guess.
Transworld Skateboarding 2011 Buyer’s Guide – Not the usual periodical, but rather a catalogue of this year’s must-have skating accoutrements (shoes, decks, wheels, handbags, clothes, etc.)
Girlfriend February 2011 – ‘Are You a Bully?’ Well, are you? Stop it. Also, ‘Adios Acne!’
White Dwarf January 2011 – Skaven. Skaaaven.
Entertainment Weekly #1138 – The 2011 preview issue: Breaking Dawn, that new Pirates of the Caribbean film, Harry Potter, and loads. More. 
Australian Mad Magazine #462 – Full of quiet chuckles.
Dolly February 2011 – ‘Guys on Sticks – pin their hot heads on a ruler’

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