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Trailer Tuesday: Proms and Superheroes

18.01.11 | 1 Comment

Movie trailers this week!

Prom is an upcoming teen-dramady with a self-explanatory title. Boy trouble, anxiety, secrets, anticipation and apparently a fire are all on the cards. Opening June 2nd, official trailer below…

Also coming in June (the 16th to be more specific) is The Green Lantern. Starring Ryan Reynolds and featuring Taika Waititi and Temuera Morrison, it looks to be an action filled romp (obvs) and is also presented in 3D in selected theaters (again, obvs). Official site here and trailer below…

One thought on “Trailer Tuesday: Proms and Superheroes

  1. Simon says:

    Isn’t it good that The Naked and Famous have done so well (i.e., featuring in a Disney trailer!) with Young Blood? It is big in Germany also!

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