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Most Borrowed for 2010

13.01.11 | 1 Comment

Which items were borrowed the most from the library last year? By harnessing the power of computers, I can tell you what they were! Definite winners were Stephenie Meyer and Robert Muchamore, unsurprisingly (perhaps they should write a book together and it would be the most popular book ever written?); Glee, also unsurprisingly; and Old Dogs, surprisingly.

The most borrowed item overall (out of everything!) was a magazine from the Young Adult collection; Simpsons Comics.

(There’s no point in listing the most borrowed YA non-fiction, as they’re mostly all study guides (Year 13 Bio is #1); 100% Gleek and Sam Stern’s Eat Vegetarian are the top non-study guide non-fiction books popular with borrowers, who are predominately vegetarian Gleeks.)

1o Most Borrowed YA Fiction
1. Brigands M.C., by Robert Muchamore
2. Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer
3. Breaking dawn, by Stephenie Meyer
4. Shadow wave, by Robert Muchamore
5. Fallen, by Lauren Kate
6. The general, by Robert Muchamore
7. Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer
8. The hunger games, by Suzanne Collins
9. Tomorrow, when the war began, by John Marsden
10. The awakening, by L. J. Smith

10 Most Borrowed YA Movies
1. Alice in Wonderland
2. How to train your dragon ; plus, Boneknapper dragon
3. Percy Jackson & the lightning thief
4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
5. Avatar
6. Glee. Season 1, volume 2, Road to regionals
7. Old dogs
8. Letters to Juliet
9. The last song
10. G-Force

10 Most Borrowed YA Comics
1. Big bratty book of Bart Simpson.
2. Simpsons comics : dollars to donuts
3. Twilight : the graphic novel. Volume 1
4. Ghostopolis
5. Naruto. Vol. 40, The ultimate art
6. Maximum Ride : the manga. Vol. 3
7. Skeleton key
8. The Simpsons : treehouse of horror : dead man’s jest.
9. Naruto. Vol. 23, Predicament
10. Big beastly book of Bart Simpson.

10 Most Borrowed YA CDs
1. Glee : the music. Volume 3, Showstoppers deluxe.
2. Now that’s what I call music 33.
3. Teenage dream, by Katy Perry
4. Now that’s what I call music 34.
5. From the inside out, by Stan Walker
6. Glee : the music. Volume 1.
7. Can’t be tamed, by Miley Cyrus
8. Rokstarr, by Taio Criz
9. Glee : the music. Volume 2.
10. Glee : the music : the power of Madonna.

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  1. Hana says:

    Interesting post guys!

    And interesting that some of your YA DVD’s are in our children’s collection… go the Simpsons!