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New Magazines 11/09/10

11.09.10 | Comment?

Boards with wheels! Boards with fins! Electric-pink! Hot monsters! This week’s new magazines has it all.

Creme Oct 2010 – Zac’s ‘eeek’ moment | Some actors talk about their new movies | celebrity wordfind! | Katy Perry “style”
Transworld Skateboarding Sep 2010 – Backside smith grind! | Fakie tailslide! | Inside the pot kickflip frontside crooked grind 180 outs | Switch crooked grind fakie bigspin flip out!
Entertainment Weekly #1118 – The sexiest ’64 Aliens, Vampires, Werewolves, Mutants & more’ | Fall (that’s our Spring!) Music Preview
Kiwi Surf Oct/Nov 2010 – This season’s boards shorts | ‘The Joys of Winter’ | NZ has some really nice beaches, actually

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