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Book Cover Lookalikes

06.09.10 | Comment?

Some pairs in a variety of genres, because they’re easier to find than fours:

1) Sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time


I was thinking that maybe if you like Deb Caletti’s books you might also like Suzanne Colasanti, yes? Either way, jetties are nice places to sit and think.

2) And stretch


I like these two.

3) Dark and romantic


Both of these are about forbidden, secret love – The Secret Year focuses on dealing with a secret relationship that ends in tragedy; Perfect Chemistry is a tale of star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the tracks, like a socio-economic Romeo and Juliet.

ETA: Crazy Beautiful by Laura Baratz-Logsted, an edgy retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story (cf Beastly by Alex Flinn), where the beast is Lucius who has blown both his hands off in a home made basement chemistry accident explosion thing, and the beauty is the perfect Aurora*.

4) Humorous farm animals on a blue background


Ducks are, I think, inherently humorous. The cow needed the tiara for that extra je ne sais quois. Both are stories about finding yourself and your voice, really. Both have inherent humour.

5) One freaky eye


I saw these pictures on this blog here, which seems to be the definitive cover lookalike spotting blog – they’re almost depressingly sharp-eyed.

6) Two freaky eyes


Same idea, different execution: unnaturally oversized eyes can convey horror just as well as nasty red ones, I think, and both of these books are horrors, if you stop and think how disturbing zombie cheerleaders would actually be.

* Here’s a challenge – role reversal in the Beauty and the Beast world? With a beautiful boy and a beastly girl?

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