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19.08.10 | Comment?

eminemI seem to remember Eminem retiring for a while back there, but he’s now on to “comeback album” number two. I guess he wasn’t all that serious about moving to Florida, taking up golf and enjoying earlybird specials after all. So it’s back to the tried and true, rhyming about his troubled past and taking pot-shots at celebrities. Recovery will be a welcome addition to any Eminem fans’ reserve queue.

metricCanadian indie-rockers Metric’s third album, Fantasies came out late last year and signalled the band’s intentions to make the step up from underground favourites to overground rock stars. So it’s pretty much the same catchy rock formula, but with extra polish. This gives the songs a shine they lacked previously, kind of like how in every single teen movie when the previously nerdy girl removes her glasses for the prom – nothing’s really changed, but more people like it.

crystal castlesMore from Canada, this time electro, with Crystal Castles self-titled debut. The Toronto based duo make confrontational punk rock, but with synths in place of guitars. It was a favourite in Teen Blog Towers back in 2008 and nearly made our end of year best of list, until we decided we couldn’t really justify the inclusion of an album that wasn’t in our collection. It’s here now though, can something released in 2008 be considered for a 2010 list?

placeboVeteran glam-rockers Placebo collected together all their singles up until 2004 for Once more with feelings : singles 1996-2004. It’s a good entry point for new listeners unfamiliar with the band’s pre-emo (premo?) riffage and nasally anthems. All the big hits are present, including Nancy Boy, Pure Morning, Every You Every Me and Taste In Men.

dum dum girlsNoise rock pin-up girl Dee Dee Penny and her Dum Dum Girls have released their debut full length I Will Be on the back of several killer, buzzworthy singles and it is a real treat. Classic pop sensibilities covered in layers of feedback and sass, completely deserving of the blog-hype and message board anticipation. It’s Synthesiser Patel’s pick of the week!

glee regionalsGlee : the music : journey to regionals needs no introduction, it is after all the fifth (fifth!) Glee soundtrack on the shelves. Judging from the title, I’d say it’s the musical chronicle of the Glee crew’s eventful journey to the regional finals of the big glee-club-offs. Includes these songs Faithfully, Any way you want it ; Lovin’ touchin’ squeezin’, Don’t stop believin’ (regionals version), Bohemian rhapsody,  To sir, with love, Over the rainbow. Yup.

Local drum and bass/dubstep-er, Bulletproof, has released the loftily titled, Soundtrack To Forever. It features a wide array of guests including Tiki Taane, Boh Runga, Isaac Aesili, Deva Mahal, PNC, David Dallas, Milon Williams and Evan Kiljoy. If you’re digging on the New Zealand dance scene, this is a must have.

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