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18.05.10 | Comment?

grizzly bearGrizzly Bear’s modern masterpiece Veckatimest now comes with a second disc of live tracks. Bonus! Reason enough to issue, even if you’ve already got a copy. If you haven’t heard it yet and you enjoy the work of The Arcade Fire, Radiohead and the rest of the meaningful-core elite, you’ll love it. Because it’s great.

the strokesBack in 2001 The Strokes were the coolest band on the planet, they released Is This It? to five star reviews and they did it with such nonchalance that it seemed totally effortless. Every single band to don a vintage jacket and squeeze into skinny jeans since then has tried, and failed to make a better indie rock record. Highly recommended.

the clashBack in the late ’70s The Clash were the self-proclaimed “only band that mattered”, rather bold, but they got away with it. One of the best bands to emerge from the London punk explosion, The Singles chronicles their rise and growth from White Riot, to Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

flaming lipsEmbryonic is the latest from Oklahoma’s finest, The Flaming Lips. Sprawling psychedelic epicness featuring the MGMT boys and a star turn from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ front-woman and Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack overseer, Karen O, who makes a lot of amusing animal noises. Good stuff.

pavementSlacker-rock heroes, Pavement, have a new greatest hits collection out called Quarantine The Past, to coincide with their much-welcomed reunion tour. It includes tracks from 1989-1999, charting their rise from every hipster’s unknown favourites, to every hipster’s sort-of known favourites. The best of the bunch this week.

the slewThe result of a collaboration between Kid Koala and Dynamite D (as The Slew) to score a since aborted documentary, 100%, is a dark but dry mixture of rock guitar, electronic samples, hip hop and delta blues. Try and imagine that in your head. Well worth a listen for anyone interested in any of the above styles and people who enjoy impressing their friends with odd tidbits about musical origins.

leona lewisX-Factor winner Leona Lewis now has her latest, Echo, on our shelves. From pizza waitress in 2006, to working with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland in 2009, it’s been quite the career shift for the Whitney Houston-esque songstress. It’s a mix of European pop and American R&B that should interest anyone who enjoys either.

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