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30.03.10 | Comment?

Entertainment Weekly #1093 – The 10 Best TV Shows on Right Now! (includes Glee yay) | Things the Twilight stars are doing that aren’t Twilight
Entertainment Weekly
#1094 – Post-Oscar special – like all the best and worst frocks | Lots of reviews
Teen Vogue April 2010 – An excerpt of the Sex and the City prequel, Carrie Bradshaw’s High School Years | ‘Are you a facebook narcissist?’ | Mark Indelicato talks fashion
Dolly March 2010 – The scary world of OTT cosmetic surgery | ‘We love clothes that sparkle’ (I know, right?) | “My mum ate herself to death” | Should the deceased live on in cyberspace?
Transworld Skateboarding March 2010 – Skateboards and the people who ride them | shoes | wheels | decks
Playstation Magazine March 2010 – Final Fantasy XIII in all its glory | The 50 most memorable videogame characters of all time | Lots of other reviews

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