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18.03.10 | Comment?

WHITE DENIMAustin, Texas’ White Denim have released two albums to date, we have both at once. Good deal. Fits : Exposion is a double disc of the finest and funnest indie-rock in the entire collection. White Denim seem like they started a band only so they could party more frequently and just by luck happen to be really good. HGHLY RCCD.

massive attackTrailblazing trip-hoppers Massive Attack keep plugging along almost 20 years after their debut with Heligoland, surprisingly just their fifth effort given the career length. They keep things current on this one with appearances from the likes of Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe.

Local joke metallers Deja Voodoo continue the schtick on The shape of grunge to come. For those who haven’t heard, think The Darkness, but strip away anything vaguely grandiose and replace with songs about beer. The thinking man need not apply.

Meticulously dishevelled Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro release a fifth, Only Revolutions, despite having a name like they’re a joke pop starlet. Aggressive pop tunes in the vein of Green Day and Blink-182. Reviews seem to indicate that this is their best work yet, perhaps it could be a breakthrough for them and teen bloggers will no longer be confused by their name.

Two more things. What kind of week would it be if there weren’t a three disc dance compilation? Last week apparently, back to form then with Classic big tunes 2009, the name says it all. And in musical DVD news, Metallica’s Seek & Destroy is a collection of live footage from whence or where I know not, the box is in German. I can say though, that there is a nearly 15 minute long version of Seek & Destroy that should test neighbour’s patience.

I’ve put some preview songs on our bebo page for you to listen to.

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