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19.12.09 | Comment?

And also:

Jumping off Swings, Jo Knowles (230 pages) – a novel from four perspectives about teenagers having to grow up really fast: Ellie, who gets pregnant; Caleb, who loves Ellie but didn’t, you know; Corinne, who is Ellie’s best friend; and Josh who, you know. A gritty real life drama.

First sentence: I can still feel a trace of his warm lips against mine as he slips away from me and fumbles for the door to his father’s van.

A Trick of the Dark, B R Collins (311 pages) – Zach is convincingly buried under the collapsed wall of a derelict building and should be dead but isn’t. After the accident a strange boy starts trailing Zach mysteriously…

First sentence: Wake up.

The Midnight Charter, David Whitley (372 pages) – Everything can be bought and sold in Agora, even human life. Mark and Lily, living a life of virtual slavery, decide to escape, but can they, when they are, for some reason, watched by the ruler of the city? (This summary was brought to you by the comma.)

First sentence: Being dead was colder than Mark had expected.

The White Horse Trick, Kate Thompson (342 pages) – These fairies are Irish, which is what all good fairies are. Devastating climate change has hit Ireland, and the ramifications of this are felt in Tír na n’Og (the land of eternal youth, Ireland’s alter ego I think). JJ, an old man, is sent from their back to Ireland to sort out the problem, which is difficult since technically he’s dead in Ireland (being a fairy he’s older than is humanly possible) and must use the “dangerous white horse trick” to make his journey possible. This sounds intriguing.

First sentence: They came in the dead of night when the family was sleeping.

Wheels of War, Sally Prue (271 pages) – Set in England in 1822. Will is too young to go to war, but history suggests that this is not the case. Left behind with the women and children, soon he finds the war is coming to him. [I notice that likely lads in historical fiction are often called Will, a likely name.]

First sentence: Red, for blood.

No Way to Go, Bernard Ashley (287 pages) – Amber’s brother falls to his death from the roof of an apartment building, but Amber is certain this is not an accident; she is determined to find out the truth.

First sentence: Amber Long stared into the policeman’s face.

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