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Robert Pattinson’s face

28.10.09 | 6 Comments

You can make Robert Pattinson’s face through the gentle art of cross-stitch, thanks to the Guardian online. Here are some books in the library on cross-stitch so that you can learn how to make your own fabric Edward. A good Christmas gift in these lean times. I’m hoping for a cross-stitched Taylor Lautner, as he’d make a great cushion.

6 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson’s face

  1. Lily says:

    I love Robert’s face.I have it an my walls.My sister’s think’s he is ugly.But they don’t get are relationship.

  2. Dayzie says:

    OMG a taylor cushion lol i have to agree with your sister though he is ugly omg edward cushion lol

  3. Jaymee says:

    omg Edward Cullen seems pretty cool but i hate Rober Pattinson!
    he must b a millionaire but he looks like hes homeless!
    i mean seriously! wotz up wiv dat???!

  4. Alexii says:

    i loooove robert pattinson he is amaaazing!!!! edward is too fictional but i soo want to believe that he is real!

  5. Mk says:

    noooo , robert , noo . taylor on th other hand , dayumn !!

  6. chaaarlae says:

    OMG to have a taylor launter cushon would be sooooo coool (: