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September 2009

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  • Jack, Music, New

    New Moon Soundtrack Tracklisting!

    22.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Moon Soundtrack Tracklisting!

    Yes, it’s been announced, these are the sounds of New Moon.

    01 Death Cab for Cutie: “Meet Me on the Equinox”
    02 Band of Skulls: “Friends”
    03 Thom Yorke: “Hearing Damage”
    04 Lykke Li: “Possibility”
    05 The Killers: “A White Demon Love Song”
    06 Anya Marina: “Satellite Heart”
    07 Muse: “I Belong to You (New Moon Remix)”
    08 Bon Iver and St. Vincent: “Rosyln”
    09 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: “Done All Wrong”
    10 Hurricane Bells: “Monsters”
    11 Sea Wolf: “The Violet Hour”
    12 OK Go: “Shooting the Moon”
    13 Grizzly Bear: “Slow Life”
    14 Editors: “No Sound But the Wind”
    15 Alexandre Desplat: “New Moon (The Meadow)”

    Seeing as it won’t be out until October 20 I’ve provided some links to albums some of the artists have out at the library, should you need something to sink your fangs  into (sorry!) in the interim. If you want to hear the Death Cab For Cutie song you can here. All very exciting stuff.

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    A Bit More Information

    22.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on A Bit More Information


    Think you know this book?

    Coming soon: your chance to pit your knowledge against others in a battle of wits, intellect and fandom. Registrations open soon (maximum four in a team), so corral your gifted Twilight fanatic friends* and we’ll see you at the Central Library.

    The Twilight Trivia Night
    Friday 30 October 2009

    * although if you’re not a fanatic or even strictly a fan don’t fear: there may well be a strategic prize in the offing that might prove more challenging to win than first place.

  • Grimm, New

    Get Your Crocodile Tears Here!

    21.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Get Your Crocodile Tears Here!

    Further to this post, you can now reserve the next Alex Rider epic adventure, or one or two other hot series:

    Crocodile Tears, Anthony Horowitz

    Splendor (the final Luxe novel), Anna Godbersen

    Archenemy (The Looking Glass Wars), Frank Beddor

    Be the first in the queue! Thanks Stephanie.

  • Happenings, Prudence, Wellington

    Wellington’s Cherry Blossom Festival

    18.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Wellington’s Cherry Blossom Festival

    The Cherry Blossom Festival is on this Sunday, the 20th of September at the St James Theatre and Te Papa.

    The Sakai Association (Sakai is Wellington’s Japanese Sister City) will be hosting a range of fun activities including: traditional kyudo (Japanese archery) demonstrations, shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and shamisen (three-stringed musical instrument) music, beautiful ikebana (flower arranging) and the peaceful tea ceremony.

    Handle the kyudo bows/arrows and the Japanese musical instruments, create ikebana, make tea, play with traditional Japanese toys and learn origami.

    Read more about it at this link, or download the .pdf brochure.

  • anime, DVDs, New, Sci Fi, Simon

    New anime

    18.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on New anime

    Yes! More new anime, and it’s on the catalogue so you can reserve it now. We have the first fourteen DVDs of Bleach : Agent of the Soul Reaper, which is pretty exciting (it’s very good) (website) and My-HiME : My Otome,  which can be read about on Wikipedia (or through the official website in Japanese).  Both series should be available from next week.

    Some of the others we will be getting are mentioned in this previous post.

    (All of the Samura Champloo series will soon become available through the library, although probably as an adult DVD only.)

  • Books, Fantasy, GLBT, New, Sci Fi, Simon

    This week’s new books

    18.09.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    There are only six, which is less than usual! Never mind.

    The Wednesday Wars, by Gary D. Schmidt (264 pages) – This came out in 2007 and won a Newbery Honor Medal in 2008. It’s about a boy growing up in 1967 on Long Island, in the U.S. A pretty tumultuous time.

    First line: ‘Of all the kids in the seventh grade at Camillo Junior High, there was one kid that Mrs. Baker hated with heat whiter than the sun.

    Pink, by Lili Wilkinson (288 pages) – Ava takes on a new image – she doesn’t want to wear black and she doesn’t want to like girls, so she takes to wearing pink and acting perky and even tries to get a boyfriend. Her new ‘shiny reinvented life is far more fragile than she imagines.’

    First line: ‘”You’re leaving?’ Chloe dropped my hand. “I know, it sucks,” I lied. ‘My parents think I’ll get better marks at a new school.” Another lie.’

    Troubadour, by Mary Hoffman (290 pages) – Set in France during the Crusades. Elinor, a young noblewoman, is told she must marry a much older man. So she scarpers and becomes a troubadour, a wandering poet, like the guy she’s in love with, Bertram.

    First line: ‘A small group of monks was making its way down to the river crossing.

    King of the Screwups : A Novel, by K. L. Going (310 pages) – After getting in trouble yet again, popular high school senior Liam, who never seems to live up to his wealthy father’s expectations, is sent to live in a trailer park with his gay “glam-rocker” uncle [Catalogue description].

    First line (well, of the second chapter): ‘“You’re a screwup, Liam. Do you think being Mr. Popularity will be enough to get you by in life?”‘

    Time of Trial : The Fourth Volume of The Laws of Magic, by Michael Pryor (427 pages) – I’ve not read these and it’s difficult to find out the story’s premise. It looks cool! If anyone has read the series please comment.

    First line: ‘Aubrey Fitzwilliam braced himself for the next attack from his young, tall and menacing adversary.

    Raw Blue, by Kirsty Eagar (273 pages)

  • Books, Espionage, New, Simon

    New CHERUB for y’all

    16.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on New CHERUB for y’all

    brigandsmcThe latest CHERUB book is in! If you’ve reserved it you might get a copy soon. If you haven’t, you probably won’t see it for a while since it’s just so darned popular. It is called Brigands M.C. and is the eleventh in the incredibly popular series about teen spies working for the British government. (People don’t usually suspect kids to be secret agents.)

    Here’s the blurb:

    Every CHERUB agent comes from somewhere. Dante Scott still has nightmares about the death of his family, brutally killed by a biker gang.

    Dante is given the chance to become a member of CHERUB, a trained professional with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.

    But when Dante joins James and Lauren Adams on a mission to infiltrate Brigands Motorcycle Club, he’s ready to use everything he’s learned to get revenge on the people who killed his familly …

    Reserve yourself the library copy here. Here’s the official CHERUB site.

  • Movies, Violet Beauregarde

    New New Moon

    15.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on New New Moon

    A new New Moon trailer was revealed last night. You can watch it here. This film seems like it will cover all the bases – romance, unrequited love, lots of action, werewolves, Taylor Lautner often shirtless, ancient Italian vampires, and Michael Sheen (OBE).

  • Events, Library Serf

    lol wut?

    15.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on lol wut?


    Think you know Twilight?
    Friday 30 October 2009

  • Grimm, New

    New Books to be on the look out for

    14.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Books to be on the look out for

    What do the next few months look like in YA literature? We’ll let you know when they arrive, but you can reserve some of them right now if they grab your fancy.

    Witch & Wizard, James Patterson (December). A futuristic dystopian story about Wisty and her brother Whit, who are imprisoned seemingly without reason and then discover they have strange abilities and powers.

    Leviathan, Scott Westerfeld (October). A steampunk effort from Scott Westerfeld, where World War I is fought with strange machines and futuristic biotechnology.

    Once Was Lost, Sara Zarr (October). Sara Zarr’s previous novels, Story of a Girl and Sweethearts, are thoughtful, realistic insights into life. In Once Was Lost, she examines tragedy and the effect it has on hope.

    Going Bovine, Libba Bray (September/October). This couldn’t really be more different from the Gemma Doyle books. Sixteen year old Cameron is in hospital with Mad Cow disease. Visited by Dulcie, a punky angel, he’s given hope when she tells him it’s possible to find a cure. So he sets out on a road trip to find it, with a little help from a gamer dwarf and a gnome. I’m not making this up. You can even watch Libba Bray being interviewed about it, dressed up as a cow.


    Some others that we will be ordering soon:

    Splendor, a Luxe novel, Anna Godbersen (November). Luxe fans: this is the fourth and final book. Dangerous secrets, difficult decisions and unexpected happinesses (but for how long?) all feature in a dramatic showdown.

    Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider), Anthony Horowitz (November). Alex gets caught up in an epic plot that could destroy an entire East African country. Heavy.

    The Looking Glass Wars, Archenemy, Frank Beddor (October/November). The conclusion to the Looking Glass Wars trilogy. Everyone in Wonderland is creatively depleted, including Queen Alyss who must join forces with the evil Redd to keep things from turning worse than pear shaped (as the caterpillar oracles predict). But is this a good idea?

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