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09.07.09 | Comment?

selectoraWe’ve culled a couple of magazines in the YA area and now we’re left with a few empty shelves. There are many, many magazines and periodicals in the adult collection that could be added to the YA collection – which would mean they’d be free for YA card holders (and free to reserve). But which magazines? Will you help us decide? The one that gets the most votes in the next four weeks will be added (on trial) to the YA collection.

Votes must be in before the 6th of August.

We’re also interested in any other magazines you think we should get.

Below is a brief description of the magazines to choose from, along with a voting form. You can vote once per day (so you could vote for the same magazine each day if you like). Each vote will put you in the draw for a library DVD voucher. You must be a WCL cardholder to be eligible to vote, and you must be between 13 and 18.

NME - This UK music magazine has been around since 1952, but it was during the 70s punk explosion that it became famous. It is published weekly.
Subject heading: Music.

Rip It Up – NZ’s ‘premier’ music magazine has been around since the 70s and continues to cover all things local and international. It is published monthly.
Subject heading: Rock music.

Empire – A UK magazine about movies, usually blockbusters. It’s a good way to find out what’s coming before anyone else. I usually buy a copy to read on flights. Monthly.
Subject heading: Motion pictures.

SFX - Another magazine about movies, though it’s more to do with science fiction, fantasy and horror, and covers television also. Monthly.
Subject headings: Science fiction and fantasy.

Entertainment Weekly - A US magazine that looks at the entertainment industry; movies, television, shows, music, and popular culture. It’s published weekly.
Subject heading: Motion pictures

Rugby News - NZ’s own – and the world’s largest – rugby magazine.
Subject heading: Rugby union New Zealand.

World Soccer - This is the soccer magazine.
Subject headings: Soccer, Sport.

BBC Top Gear NZ - A car magazine named after the popular television programme. Has car news and reviews, and columns by Jeremy Clarkson and co-hosts. 
Subject heading: Automobiles.

Make : Technology On Your Time - A quarterly publication (meaning it only comes out four times a year) for people who like making things. Anything. Have a look at the website
Subject heading: Technology.

WiredWired magazine is all about technology, computers, gadgets, and anything else.
Subject heading: Computers.

BBC Wildlife - The world’s best-selling natural history and environmental magazine. Lots of pictures of animals and nature, and perhaps even baby animals.
Subject heading: Animals.

Edge - This UK gaming magazine covers all platforms, has reviews of games, news from the industry, and all kinds of gaming goodness.
Subject headings: Computer games, Electronic games.

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