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10pm Question at 10:45am

09.07.09 | 1 Comment

the_10pm_questionKate de Goldi’s great book (and NZ Post Book Award-winner), The 10pm Question, is being read in the morning on National Radio’s Nine-to-Noon programme. Because of copyright it’s not available through Radio NZ’s podcast service (which I recommend a look at, regardless) but that’s no reason not to start listening. You are on holiday. Part 5 is tomorrow morning, at 10.45am.

Also, here’s an interview with Kate de Goldi we did late last year.

One thought on “10pm Question at 10:45am

  1. Asxz says:

    I’ve read her book, the 10pm Question, and I found it very dry. It was a good book, good plot, but what I think ruined it for me was the writing technique. Kate de Goldi puts every single detail in. Sure, it makes the characters more realistic, but we don’t need to know what he ate for breckfast every morning.
    All in all I don’t think Kate deserves all of the credit she got for it.
    **/***** [2 stars out of 5]