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Top 10: Books with Music

04.07.09 | Comment?

There’s a surprising amount of music-themed literature in the library; here is but a small sample.

  1. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn – He wrote Nick, she wrote Norah, which is really the only way I can imagine writing a novel properly with someone else.
  2. Pop Princess, by Rachel Cohn – With a name like Wonder Blake it’s only a matter of time before she becomes one (a pop princess) by way of a music competition.
  3. Fat Kid Rules the World, by K. L. Going – Curt is a skinny punk genius and Troy is an overweight social leper, together they make a fabulous music odd couple and a cool story about turning your life around.
  4. Beige, by Cecil Castellucci – Katy (who is nicknamed “Beige” by her friend who thinks she, well, lacks a bit of colour) goes to live with her father, an “aging punk rock legend”. There’s a soundtrack that goes along, or rather a “suggested listening list”, so it’s a multi-sensory experience.
  5. Duet, by David Hill – classical and popular music do mix, with awkward, life-long ramifications, in this New Zealand romance.
  6. Gangsta Rap, by Benjamin Zephaniah – Ray, Prem and Tyronne form a rap group in London and they’re a hit, but rap and violence often go together.
  7. Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen – Owen’s mix CDs, one mysteriously called “Just Listen” help pull Annabel out of her shell and face her demons.
  8. Rock Star, Superstar, by Blake Nelson – Being in a popular rock band sounds ideal, but it tests Pete’s relationship with his girlfriend, Margaret.
  9. The Last Days, by Scott Westerfeld – The sequel to Peeps; here the chapter titles are all band names, and the evil beneath New York is back (with the rats).
  10. The Commitments, Roddy Doyle (thanks to Reading Rants – I forgot about this one) – Both the book and the movie were a huge smash hit in the very early 1990s. Ride, Sally, ride.

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