Further to this post, and this one, here are some more author blogs that might interest you:

Meg’s Diary. Meg Cabot’s blog (after crashing my IE, for which she is basically forgiven) is updated regularly. She sticks incidental-life photos up, plus she includes some YouTube clips she’s done that are amusing and enlightening.

This is My Secret (Kristin Cashore). The author of Graceling and the soon-to-be-published Fire keeps her readers up to date about her life as a writer. She’s also included some advice on writing and publishing recently. Her blog’s got a Margaret Mahy quote, which is a good start.

Cassandra Clare’s Blog. Oh my. Being a fan fiction person it’s hardly surprising that Cassandra Clare is so Web 2.0 savvy. Her blog’s a cornucopia of information, competitions, prizes, chapters of upcoming books, clips of upcoming books, photos of people who are in love with Jace wearing tshirts and much more. She is now promoting her new trilogy (Infernal Devices) rather heavily, so if you want to know about that then visit her blog.

Do you Tweet? If you’re a Twitter user then you could follow some of these (from Mashable plus a couple of extras):

@stephenfry. Ever since he got stuck in a lift (but probably before then) Stephen Fry’s been one of the most popular people on Twitter.

@doctorow. Cory Doctorow wrote Little Brother.

@megcabot. Meg Cabot, who is rather attached to her cat, tweets very regularly, so you’ll get a very good idea about what she’s up to.

@sarahdessen. Sarah Dessen keeps people up to date when she’s out and about. Makes you feel like she’s your friend.

@sockington. Sockington isn’t an author but a cat, but his tweets are an excellent example of good writing in 140 characters or less.

Plus there’s heaps more. But note the following from Stephenie Meyer’s website (dated 4 June 2009): “I do not have a facebook page, and I have never had one. I don’t do twitter. So if you’re communicating with someone online that you think is me, it’s not.” So there you go.