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April 2009

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    Book Review

    21.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Book Review

    A book review from Raewyn!

    Atherton: The House of Power, by Patrick Carman.

    Atherton is a made up world, Edgar. A place created by men at a time when almost every part of the known world was used up. This was the first part of the book that Samuel read to Edgar and the beginning of their fight to help the people of their separate worlds, as they gradually came together. Atherton is made up of three tiers. The Highlands is where the water comes from and is the domain of Lord Phineus who controls all. Tabletop is ruled over by the cruel Mr Ratikan (a pawn of Lord Phineus), hard taskmaster to the people who tend the fig trees, which feed the Highlanders. And far below are the Flatlands, where horrible creatures dwell. What will happen when all the tiers become one? First in this new series by the author of “The Land of Elyon”.

  • Competition, Grimm, Selector

    Selector: the final countdown

    21.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Selector: the final countdown

    selector illustrationIt’s Inside Girl versus Morganville Vampires! What to pick, what to pick?

    Do Texan vampires have a show at defeating Flan Flood? Will the fangs come out, and if they do will the vampires cope?

    So, readers, you get to choose which series the library will purchase: it’s the vampires whose peaceful towny existence is disrupted by the arrival of the evil Bishop versus a rich kid who used to attend an exclusive academy but decides to rub elbows with students at a typical high school (proper descriptions are here).

    Morganville Vampires        Inside Girl

    You’ve got until next Tuesday to decide: this is the final round, so get voting! One lucky voter will get the chance to be first in the queue for the winning literary treasure.

    ps congratulations to Rachel for picking up the voucher for 2 free DVD rentals.

  • Movies, New, Simon

    Tomorrow’s Twilight DVD

    21.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Tomorrow’s Twilight DVD

    Tomorrow the Twilight DVD will be released. Since DVDs and CDs don’t become available on the library catalogue until they’re actually in the building, you won’t be able to reserve it until they’re ready. Which will be tomorrow morning, hopefully. We – the Teen Blog – will update as soon as they’re ready! And you can reserve your copy! Before everyone else does!

    So keep reading!

  • Reviews

    Book Review: Twilight

    21.04.09 | Permalink | 5 Comments

    Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

    book coverI liked the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, for three main reasons. One being the fact it was voyeuristic therefore making it personal and intimate, it makes you see the world through the characters’ eyes and relate your personal experiences and personality to them. Another reason is the way the characters are shown; the fact that they are enigmatic, which makes you want to know more, and realistic, which makes you think you’ve really met them. The last is the theme “love” which is shown in a modern, edgy way, that’s both original and old-school, it really makes you wonder. Overall, I think the books are well-written and different, no wonder they were a big success.

    ~ Natalia

  • Library Serf, Writing

    Creative Writing Workshop

    20.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Creative Writing Workshop

    If you’re into creative writing you might be interested in this:

    There are two special school holiday creative writing workshops happening next Wednesday 22 April at Katherine Mansfield Birthplace (25 Tinakori Road, Thorndon).

    Run by award-winning author Janice Marriott, the workshops are a great chance for secondary school students aged 13–15 to develop their skills and ideas in creative writing.

    Workshop 1: 9.30–12.30am
    Workshop 2 (repeat): 1.30–4.30pm
    Cost: $25 per student

    Spaces are limited so bookings are essential. To book, call 473 7268 or email kmbirthplace@xtra.co.nz.

  • Grimm

    Post Easter Weekly Wrap

    17.04.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    This week at the teen blog:

    • Round Two of Selector started. Make sure you vote for your favourite: there will be a two-series vote off to find the winner, and this round one lucky voter gets two free DVDs.
    • We made a review form so you can tell us what you think of books you’ve read. Because we like giving things away (see above), we’re giving the first four reviewers a lovely poster of old Robert Pattinson (but only if you want one – you can write us a review and not get one if you’d prefer).
    • Heaps of new books arrived.
    • Hannah reviewed the Life As We Knew It/The Dead and the Gone duo by Susan Beth Pfeffer.
    • Adrienne highlighted the annual Council Youth Forum, called ENGAGE (Friday 1 May 2009).
    • Jack came back to a stack of CDs (no playlist yet because our work PCs don’t like IMEEM at the moment, much annoyance).
    • Then Sam found two websites to watch.
    • Next month Rapture Ruckus (as part of NZ Music Month) is going to be talking about being a musician et al – check out the when and where.
    • Here are 10 sporty books. Great how you can sit on a couch and read a book about people being active.

    Have a good weekend!

    Also note: if you’re stuck for something to read we’ve updated a couple of our booklists here and here.

  • Grimm, Sport, Top 10

    Top 10: pushing play

    17.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Top 10: pushing play

    This isn’t really a Top 10 list as such, since I know zero about sports fiction and have no idea what’s top and what’s not; this is more a selection of young adult fiction that has sporting themes of different sorts. See what you think anyway. Let me know if you’ve read a good sports book recently too (I refrained from putting my favourite book here, Life at these Speeds, but, oh no, there I go, I’ve mentioned it anyway (athletics)).

    1. book coverAmazing Grace, Megan Shull (tennis)
    2. Ironman, Chris Crutcher (triathlon)
    3. Hero, Perry Moore. This is sport but with superheroes. It’s good.
    4. Rash, Pete Hautman. Reading Rants (which is a great review website, by the way) suggests this is futuristic, dystopian and involves football.
    5. Soccer Chick Rules, Dawn Fitzgerald (football)
    6. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Chris Crutcher (swimming)
    7. book coverBall Don’t Lie, Matt de la Pena (basketball)
    8. How to Ditch Your Fairy, by Justine Larbalestier. When I first saw this book I thought “Nooooo!”. I mean, it seems very silly, but everyone actually likes it. Charlie is a freshman at a sports school and has the misfortune of having a personal parking fairy (as opposed to, for example, an “all the boys think you’re wonderful” type fairy) – you can see why I had doubts.
    9. book coverDairy Queen, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. This is football of the American variety, and the main character is female, which seems refreshing. People like this book (I haven’t read it yet), and its sequel The Off Season.
    10. Alex, Tessa Duder. The great New Zealand literary swimming sensation.

  • Music, NZ Music Month, Simon, Wellington

    NZ Music Month – Rapture Ruckus

    17.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on NZ Music Month – Rapture Ruckus

    NZ Music Month is May (which is next month, like two weeks away), and as usual the library will hold NZ music-related events. On the 8th of May, Friday, at about 4.30pm, Wellington hip-hop artist Rapture Ruckus will be in to talk on ‘How to get somewhere as a muso’. Mark your calendars!

    Check out a clip of him performing live:


  • Happenings, Internet, Sam

    websites to watch

    17.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on websites to watch

    Website 1: ‘ISSUES.co.nz’ – talking up ideas and issues 

    What’s on the hearts and minds of everyday New Zealanders? What gets their goat? Find out on New Zealand’s first purpose-built website for issues campaigns. A great website to watch if you need a speech topic, or if you’re politically inclined.

    Website 2: The World Digital Library

    Launching April 21, this The World Digital Library is going to be awesome! The project has major international backing and will bring – free of charge – significant primary materials from cultures around the world, including manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, prints, photographs, architectural drawings, and other significant cultural materials. Make sure you check out the promo video.

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    Selector: round two: vote

    17.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Selector: round two: vote

    Here’s the line up for round two: don’t forget to vote (descriptions here). One lucky round two voter will win a voucher for two free DVDs (rental value of $8!!) – this should make the last days of holidays more interesting.

    Drama Club Queen Geek Social Club Inside Girl Morganville Vampires  Vampire Kisses

    What’s Selector? Read this for more.

    selector illustration

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