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What I’ve been reading lately

27.04.09 | Comment?

Due to a case of the winter snufflies, and a current lack of Twilight Saga books, I found myself at home finishing off a couple of books that you may (or may not) want to hear about.

book coverH-Bomb Girl by Stephen Baxter

This is a bit of a Sci-Fi adventure that will leave you guessing until the last chapter. If you’re a fan of Dr Who and other time-travel stuff then you’ll like this book.

Laura is a 14 year old girl living in Liverpool, England, in October 1962. As the Cuban missle crisis is unfolding before her eyes, weird people start messing with Laura’s life; people that know a little too much about her and seem to all want something from her. Who these people are, and the decisions Laura has to make, will have consequences across the world. Laura’s future is just as uncertain as the rest of the world’s…

Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud

From the author of the Bartimous Trilogy. Halli Sveinsson dreams of being the hero of his valley but, while he has the courage and noble heart of a hero, he lacks the stature and good looks of a hero – being stumpy, squat and having the face of a toad. 

Up on the hills surrounding his village are the burial cairns of his ancestors. The legend says that a terrible creature, called a Trow, lives underground beyond the cairn wall which emerges at night to kill anything that strays past the cairns onto their land. Halli dreams of testing the Trows, but the days of fighting are over and the swords are melted down…

Bored and frustrated, Halli pulls some pranks that ignite an old feud between villages, which sets Halli out on a quest of his own and discovers the true, and terrifying, nature of the trows and the old cairn line.

This is an exciting tale of adventure and mischief; you won’t be able to help liking this unlikely Hero!

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