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01.04.09 | Comment?

We have a lot of book series in our collection, and many of them are very popular (proving that you can’t have too much of a good thing). So if you like vampires you will thrill to the ongoing Vampire Beach/Vampire Diaries/Buffy the Vampire Slayer series; if you like the rich and fabulous you will delight in the many Gossip Girls-type series; fantasy fans enjoy the Quentaris Chronicles; and action buffs can tremble with anticipation as the latest Alex Rider/CHERUB/etc. book is released.

There are a number of book series written for teens that the Wellington Library doesn’t get, however. Here’s a list of them. The recession means that we can’t get them all, unfortunately, so we’ve decided to make a game of it. A game we have decided to call Selector. We even made a logo an illustration!

The rules are this; read through the list on this page and decide which series you think that the library should get. The four that receive the most votes by April 14th (that’s the Tuesday after Easter) will go into the final. The final four will be voted out, one-by-one, each following week. The one that wins will be purchased, and one lucky person will get to read it before anyone else does.

Once you’ve read through the list, vote in the form below.

Round two has started; vote here.

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