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Everyone likes parades

24.02.09 | 1 Comment

We’ve a lot of photos from last weekend’s Cuba Street Carnival. The library has a stall set up to promote the Cuba Street Memories Project, which aims to build a history of the street. My great-great-grandfather used to own a part of it; if only he hadn’t sold it in 1860 or thereabouts, I could be rich! Ah well.

If you’re in any of these photos and wish you weren’t, email us!

One thought on “Everyone likes parades

  1. Emily Buttle says:

    Hi there, Great photos! Im the director of EMPRESS Stiltdance ie all the people you photographed wearing stilts.
    Can you email me a full sized copy of the 3 photos?:
    Tall & Reflective
    More people wearings tilts
    A vision in green.
    Thanks a million!