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Show me the Monet!

20.02.09 | 2 Comments

During the 19th century, a group of French artists decided to rebel.  Instead of faithfully re-creating their subject matter (portrait, landscape, still life) these impressionist painters focused on the overall effects of colour and movement, using unmixed colour and broken strokes.  Their fascination with capturing the momentary and transient effects of sunlight lead them to break with the rigid, studio-based painting traditions and do their paintings en plein air (outdoors, “in the open air”).

Claude Monet was a founder of the French Impressionist painting movement and its most prolific practitioner.  In fact, the movement derives its name from Monet’s painting, Impression, Sunrise.

Monet is a pretty big cheese in the art world so it’s truly amazing to be able to get up close and personal with his art without visiting an overseas gallery or art museum. Don’t miss out!  Visit Monet and the Impressionists at Te Papa.  Exhibition ends 17 May.

2 thoughts on “Show me the Monet!

  1. Hi,
    The link to the monet website is broken. I think you’ve forgotten to put the http:// at the beginning of the URL.
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  2. Simon says:

    Cool, thank you! It’s now fixed. 😀