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More New Book Arrivals

24.12.08 | Comment?

Yes, more.

book coverMy Father’s Son, by Terri Fields (259 pages) – what would you do if you were an average teenager who turns on the TV to discover that the face of a notorious serial killer shown on the news is actually your father?

First sentence: ‘Ten minutes.’

Ice Claw, by David Gilman (434 pages) – the second Danger Zone book (after The Devil’s Breath). Max is trying to win an X-treme sports challenge, except at the top of a freezing mountain he finds he’s actually just trying to survive. With prophecies and cataclysmic ecological events thrown in. Heaps of action, obviously.

First sentence: ‘It was too beautiful a day to die.’

book coverTop 8, by Katie Finn (304 pages) – someone hacks Madison MacDonald’s online profile and her life is turned upside down. Who did it? Because that’s just mean.

First sentence: ‘”We’re home!” my mother announced cheerfully as our SUV passed the town sign: welcome to Putnam, Connecticut. Settled 1655. Home of the Fighting Pilgrims.’

The Haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe, by Brian Keaney (233 pages) – Nathaniel’s father is the greatest medium in London, but is he dabbling in things he shouldn’t? The back cover says the book is “a thrilling story of the supernatural set among the winding streets of Victorian London.” I think that might be a pun… winding… ghosts…

First sentence: ‘It was a grimy March day and the smoke from hundreds of chimneys mingled its sooty breath with the mist that came drifting up from the river.’

book coverVibes, by Amy Kathleen Ryan (249 pages) – Kristi can hear what people are thinking, which makes being a teenager kind of complicated (not great for your self-esteem when you can hear what the hottest bimboy in school thinks of you), especially when her father, who left two years ago, reappears ready to, well, be her father again.

First sentence: ‘It isn’t easy being able to read minds.’

That’ll do.

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