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Inheritance Cycle

05.10.08 | Comment?

In 2002 Christopher Paolini published Eragon the first of 3 books.
Later that year Knopf offered to publish all of the books.
In 2005 Eldest, book 2, was published.
In 2006 Eragon the movie was released.
While he was working on book 3 he found the need to turn the trilogy into a cycle so it could have 4 books.
Brisingr, the 3rd book was published recently and is quite popular.

Haikus about the books/movies

Since I am on a roll after my Twilight haiku here are some about the books or movie.


Eragon finds a bright
Pretty blue stone that hatches
into a dragon.


Eragon visits the
Elves, and turns into an elf-
human hybrid there.


Brisingr means fire,
and that is what he names his
brand new bright blue sword.

Eragon the movie

This movie was bad,
so different from the book.
I give it no stars.

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