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Twilight & DVD combo upsize

18.09.08 | Comment?

book coverTwilight‘s a  bestseller, and now it’s a bestseller in the library sense. So, if you don’t want to fork out $35 (or whatever) to buy a copy and you’re tired of waiting you could pay $5.00 and get a bestseller copy for one week. We even have a special offer to entice readers of the Teen Blog: a free DVD (from the $4 adult collection) when you get out a Twilight bestseller! All you need to do is print out this voucher (you may want to resize it), grab an available bestseller copy of Twilight (at Central, Johnsonville or Karori libraries), choose a DVD and present all three plus $5 (the usual bestseller charge) at the issues desk. Simple.

Some things to note:
~ this voucher is only for young adult cardholders (sorry adults)
~ bestsellers can’t be reserved so if they’re all out you’ll have to wait until one is returned – they’re only issued for a week – and then swoop, vampire-like
~ the DVD has to be issued at the same time as the bestseller
~ don’t forget to cancel your reserve if you don’t need it any more

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