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The Quentaris Chronicles

08.09.08 | 1 Comment

The Quentaris Chronicles is a series of 26 books writen by lots of different Australian authors. Each book is set within the city of Quentaris but is also a stand-alone story. You do not need to read all of the books in order to enjoy them. Michael Pryor and Paul Collins as well as being authors of many of the books in the series are the series editors. Quentaris is a fantasy city sited near rift caves. Rifts lead to many different worlds and cities and of course many different adventures. There are some characters that pop up in all the books providing continuity, such as Storm the leader of the Watch.

This is a listing of the books that make up the first Quentaris series including their authors.

Beneath Quentaris / Michael Pryor
Slaves of Quentaris / Paul Collins
The Revognase / Lucy Sussex
Sword of Quentaris / Paul Collins
Quentaris in Flames / Michael Pryor
The Perfect Princess / Jenny Pausacker
Dragonlords of Quentaris / Paul Collins
Angel Fever / Isobelle Carmody
The Mind Master / John Heffernan
Stones of Quentaris / Michael Pryor
The Ancient Hero / Sean McMullen
Treasure Hunters of Quentaris / Margo Lanagan
Rifts Through Quentaris / Karen Brooks
The Plague of Quentaris / Gary Crew
Princess of Shadows / Paul Collins
The Cat Dreamer / Isobelle Carmody
Nightmare in Quentaris / Michael Pryor
The Murderers’ Apprentice / Pamela Freeman
The Forgotten Prince / Paul Collins
Stolen Children of Quentaris / by Gary Crew
Stars of Quentaris / by Michael Pryor
Pirates of Quentaris / Sherryl Clark
Prisoner of Quentaris / Anna Ciddor
The Skyflower / Justin D’Ath
Battle for Quentaris / Michael Pryor
Vampires of Quentaris / Paul Collins

After the first series of the Quentaris Chronicles the publisher no longer wanted to print any more of that series so Michael Pryor and Paul Collins started work on a second series that differs from the previous in that the same characters will be used in each book. While each book of the second series does not necessarily need to be read in order it would be helpful to understand the history of the characters and the events leading up to the current story. The titles and the authors of the second series are listed below.

The Spell of Undoing / Paul Collins
The Equen Queen / Alyssa Brugman

I highly recommend this as an excellent read.

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