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SubText08 Quizzes: The Answers

01.09.08 | Comment?

Now that SubText08 is all over we can give you the answers to the six quizzes that ran during the programme. The percentage of people who answered each question correctly is noted with each answer. If you want to know how well you did personally, leave a comment and I will (eventually) email you.

The answers are within!

Graphic Novels:
Question One
: Which dark horse will be coming to a movie screen near you in a film directed by Guillermo del Toro?
– Hellboy (66.7%)
Question Two: The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman by Raymond Briggs is a commentary on which war?
– Falklands War (73.3%)
Question Three: Which of these superheroes is the odd one out? (Hint: place of birth?)
– Superman (he is the only one who wasn’t born on Earth) (66.7%)
Question Four: The actress who played Rogue in the X-Men films won an Oscar for which NZ film?
– The Piano (93.3%)
Question Five: Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk when he becomes …
– Enraged (100%)
Question Six: When Ranma Saotome is splashed with cold water, he turns into what?
– A girl (Ranma 1/2) (66.7%)
Question Seven: Matt Murdock is …
– Blind (and also the Daredevil) (86.7%)
Question Eight: Who is Sasuke’s replacement in Team Kakashi?
– Sai (Naruto) (73.3%)
Question Nine: What is Spiderman’s real name?
– Peter Parker (93.3%)
Question Ten: Usagi Yojimbo is loosely based on the life of which 16th-17th century samurai?
– Miyamoto Musashi (73.3%)
Question Eleven: Who is the Golden Age Flash?
– Jay Garrick (66.7%)
Question Twelve: Which of these characters was NOT a founding member of the Avengers?
– Captain America (73.3%)

NZ Authors:
Question One: In 2004 Bernard Beckett wrote a book called …
Malcolm and Juliet (50%)
Question Two: Fleur Beale’s book I am not Esther is about a girl …
– who goes to live in a fundamentalist sect (88.9%)
Question Three: Thunder Road was written by …
– Ted Dawe (77.8%)
Question Four: Gool by Maurice Gee is the sequel to …
Salt (83.3%)
Question Five: Muffin McLay …
– Like a bundle of hay (44.4%)
Question Six: Alex’s surname in the four books by Tessa Duder is ..?
– Archer (72.2%)
Question Seven: In the television series Maddigan’s Quest, what is the name of the circus troop?
– Maddigan’s Fantasia (100%)
Question Eight: Which international award did Margaret Mahy win in 2006?
– The Hans Christian Andersen Award (66.7%)
Question Nine: The Witi Ihimaera novel that the movie Whale Rider is based on was originally called
The Whale Rider (83.3%)
Question Ten: In The Lion in the Meadow, what does the lion eat?
– Apples (72.2%)
Question Eleven: In The God Boy by Ian Cross, where did Jimmy Sullivan live?
– Raggleton (50%)
Question Twelve: Ness, Ty, and Sophie are the names of three characters from which recent book?
The Sea-Wreck Stranger (77.8%)

Question One: Shihad changed their name to keep their American audience happy (and then they changed it back to Shihad again). What was that name?
– Pacifier (81%)
Question Two: Dave Grohl is the singer (and almost everything else) of the Foo Fighters. What did he do in Nirvana?
– Drums (73%)
Question Three: ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol was almost thrashed to death by Grey’s Anatomy. Which album was it released on?
Eyes Open (91%)
Question Four: 30 Seconds to Mars is fronted by which actor?
– Jared Leto (81%)
Question Five: Brian McFadden used to be a member of which boy band?
– Westlife (100%)
Question Six: Which female R&B star is currently going out with Chris Brown?
– Rihanna (91%)
Question Seven: The Hives hail from…
– Sweden (81%)
Question Eight: What is the latest Now That’s What I Call Music album number?
– 27 (91%)
Question Nine: The Veronicas really are …
– Jessica and Lisa (91%)
Question Ten: Phoenix Foundation is named after an organisation in which classic show?
– MacGyver (81%)
Question Eleven: Which New Zealand rapper had a hit single in the Knocked Up soundtrack?
– Savage (56%)
Question Twelve: What are the colours of Weezer’s self-titled albums (in order)?
– Blue, green, red (73%)

Question One: In The Count of Monte Cristo, what is Monte Cristo?
– An island (60%)
Question Two: Which sister in Pride and Prejudice runs off with a soldier?
– Lydia (80%)
Question Three: What is Frankenstein’s first name?
– Victor (60%)
Question Four: In To Kill a Mockingbird, who lives next door to the Finches?
– Boo Radley (60%)
Question Five: One ring to rule them all, and in the darkness …
– bind them (80%)
Question Six: In Catcher in the Rye, what city does Holden run away to?
– New York (70%)
Question Seven: Who are the main characters in Lord of the Flies?
– Piggy and Ralph (90%)
Question Eight: In Sense and Sensibility, what is meant by “sensibility”?
– Being able to feel (50%)
Question Nine: Cassandra, in I Capture the Castle, spends a lot of her time …
– Writing (80%)
Question Ten: Who are the three musketeers?
– Athos, Porthos and Aramis (80%)
Question Eleven: Who or what is Moby Dick?
– The white whale (90%)
Question Twelve: Who kills Nancy in Oliver Twist?
– Bill Sykes (70%)

Question One: How well do you know your Dewey part one. You’re standing next to books that say 641.5 on the spine. Which of these titles are you likely to find among them?
Help! I Need to Mash a Potato! (30%)
Question Two: Who was the last National Prime Minister of New Zealand?
– Jenny Shipley (50%)
Question Three: What started World War One?
– The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (10%)
Question Four: How well do you know your Dewey part two. Someone tells you “meet me in the 800s”. What could you conclude about them?
– They’re a poet – and they know it (70%)
Question Five: Shintoism originated in which country?
– Japan (40%)
Question Six: NCEA was phased into New Zealand secondary schools starting in which year?
– 2002 (90%)
Question Seven: What are you doing when you parboil something?
– You’re boiling it until it’s partially cooked (90%)
Question Eight: There are two major political parties in the United States, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. They both have animals as mascots. Those animals are the
– Elephant and donkey (30%)
Question Nine: The original Treaty of Waitangi documents are held where?
– Archives New Zealand in Wellington (80%)
Question Ten: Which of these sports has never been contested in the modern Olympics?
– Netball (30%)
Question Eleven: Which of these English Monarchs was the last Plantagenet King?
– Richard III (50%)
Question Twelve: What is the official language of New Zealand’s nearest neighbour?
– French (New Caledonia) (40%)

Question One: Who does the voice of Howl in Howl’s Moving Castle?
– Christian Bale (62.5%)
Question Two: In Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope, where is Luke Skywalker’s home?
– Tattooine
Question Three: Which Shakespeare play is 10 Things I Hate About You based on?
The Taming of the Shrew (75%)
Question Four: Who voices Fiona’s father in Shrek II and Shrek III?
– John Cleese (62.5%)
Question Five: When was Under The Mountain originally screened on TV in New Zealand?
– 1982 (30%)
Question Six: What pair of street shoes appears in the movie Marie Antoinette?
– Chuck Taylors (50%)
Question Seven: Which actor has been in a movie about street racing and one about sled dogs in Antarctica?
– Paul Walker (62.5%)
Question Eight: Who plays Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird?
– Gregory Peck (50%)
Question Nine: What type of car is Bumblebee in the 2007 live-action Transformers film?
– Camaro (25%)
Question Ten: Which star of The Office makes a cameo appearance in Stardust?
– Ricky Gervais (30%)
Question Eleven: Which Wellington suburb stood in for the location where Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pip first encounter a Ring Wraith In The Fellowship of the Ring?
– Mount Victoria (70%)
Question Twelve: What is the name of Clancy Wiggum’s wife?
– Sarah 62.5%)


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