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Review of the week 2

23.08.08 | Comment?

Briar Rose
Jane Yolen

Does everyone knows the story of Sleeping Beauty? Of the forest of thorns? Of the handsome prince? Of the evil witch who eventually gets what’s coming to her? Well, forget that one! This one is the true version. Rebecca, known as Becca to her family, travels to Europe to find out about her grandmother’s missing past. All she has to go on is a couple of old pictures, the word ‘Kulmhof’ and a old fairy story Gemma would tell her grandchildren at bedtime.

This is a story of the Holocaust, a search through the past to find a princess, a castle, and the truth.

Okay, so this all sounds poetically gooey but it was a nice soppy tale. Beautifully written with descriptions of scrum-diddlily-umptious food. To put it mildly.

Definitely wait until you’re fifteen or older before reading this. It’s a gorgeously romantic story whioch probably won’t appeal to the male reader but what the heck! (And the introduction’s pretty good too!!!)

~ Rosemary (16)

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