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Review of the Week 3

15.08.08 | Comment?

The Kite Rider
Geraldine McCaughrean


I had never read a book like The Kite Rider before. The Kite Rider was about a boy called Haoyou, who lived in Ancient China, whose father had been killed testing the winds on a kite. His father was killed for a reason, though it does not seem like somebody planned his death. He is killed by his father’s workmate, Di Chou. Di Chou wanted to marry Haoyou’s mother, but Haoyou’s mother didn’t want to because Di Chou was a selfish monster who had no feelings! While Haoyou’s mother pondered the idea of getting married again, Haoyou started making kites, so he could sell them to support his family. But Di Chou burned Haoyou’s house down, in an attempt to ruin Haoyou’s business. This meant that Di Chou would have to marry Haoyou’s mother, so their family had some support.

One day, Haoyou flew a kite and rode it with his cousin Mipeng. He and Mipeng were discovered by Miao, a circus director, and Haoyou was paid brilliantly for riding kites at circus shows and Mipeng was paid well for telling the future. He had never seen so much money in his life, but working at the circus brings Haoyou lots of troubles!

Though you had to concentrate, and read everything carefully, so that you actually understood what was going on, The Kite Rider was a fabulous book of a young Chinese boy trying to do something with his life. I would recommend this to people who like kites, are daredevils, and are thinking about riding a kite, or people who like to accept life and seize opportunites.

~ Davina (15)

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