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Review of the Week 2

15.08.08 | Comment?

Anywhere But Here
Ella West

Anywhere But Here was a really good book. But the end kinda made me mad because Paul, Tina, Shelly and Jake all get caught but Nicky has to spend the rest of the freedom she has hiding.

My favourite character was Nicky because of her bravery and her being stuck between one boy she has been with longer and another where she finds out her true feelings.

My favourite part was when Nicky realised that she, as well, loved Jake and Jake loved her even though he was dating Tina. The worst part for me was when Nicky told Paul about her and Jake and Paul completely flipped out. That part made me really angry. Paul had to go off with the guardian who was also his dad. I felt for Nicky as she was alone and scared.

~ Lunetta (13)

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