Thanks to everyone who submitted reviews this week – you’re in with the chance to win (the draw will be on Monday)! If you reviewed a New Zealand book then you have an extra chance: quite a number of you did (it’s good to see you reading New Zealand stuff). Here’s the first of our highlighted reviews for this week:

Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox

This was my second attempt to read this book, and I was surprised at how easily I got through it this time. With the main character in hiding at the start, and everyone feeling confused and annoyed after the events at the end of the previous book, the start possibly wasn’t the most grabbing. But once the story got away from its prequel and started into its own, things became more interesting. Laura, the heroine, slowly slips back into society, along with her father who had become a fugitive from the Dream Regulatory Body, who control the dreamhunters (people who can enter the mysterious Place and catch dreams to perform for others).

Laura knows that Cas Doran, head of the regulatory body, is up to something, which she doesn’t discover until she journeys deep into the Place. This discovery sets off a chain of events that ends with discovering the true nature of the Place.

Also, Laura falls in love with another dreamhunter called Sandy, and is pregnant at the end of the book. It’s very sweet.

~ Sylvia (14)