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Review of the Week I

26.07.08 | Comment?

We have received many wonderful reviews this week, as part of the SubText08 programme currently running for teens. Here is the first of several reviews that we enjoyed reading. The genre for the week was ‘graphic novels’, and this review of a graphic novel was excellent!

Nancy Drew Vol 6 : Mr Cheeters is Missing, by Stefan Petrucha

Being a fan of the original Carolyn Keene Nancy Drew Series, I have to say I was disappointed at the mystery aspect of this graphic novel. The novels are filled with intriguing, nail-biting mysteries; while the graphic novels are a poor excuse for so-called mystery writing.

Although the way the graphic novels are illustrated is great and I also enjoy seeing my favourite character being brought to life in a different form, I think that it would be better if the author, Stefan Petrucha, made graphic novels of the original, well-known stories, instead of trying (and failing) to write his own Nancy Drew stories.

My reason for thinking this, may just be because I am incredibly biased towards the ‘true’ Nancy Drew books, but I probably won’t be recommending this series to any of my friends.

I give this graphic novel, 2 stars because of the storyline – the overall product is readable and, possibly, enjoyable for some, but sadly not for me.

~ Melissa (13)

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