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Wellington Skateboarding

22.07.08 | Comment?

Everyone who enjoys so called ‘alternative’ sports should be grateful to skaters like Tony Hawk. He began the process of turning what people previously viewed as a pass-time hobby into fully professional sports with his amazing skills. The first Summer X-Games was in 1995 and since then has exploded in popularity and diversity with Moto X becoming a feature and a Winter X-Games first taking place in 1997. The X-Games have been a catalyst for a change of perception for alternative sports so now you should be able to get out on your board without old folks shaking sticks at you. 

We certainly think so which is why we have plenty of resources you can make use of at the library. 

Slam, by Nick Hornby
Payback by Michelle Kelly

Thrasher: The Radical Skateboard Book – YA 796.21
Skateboarding is Not a Crime: 50 Years of Street Culture – YA 796.22
Skateboarding: New Levels, Tips and Tricks for Serious Riders – YA 796.21

New Zealand Skateboarder
Transworld Skateboarding
Slam: Australian Skateboarding

Rising Son
Best of Ra Vol 1

Council site for Skate Parks around Wellington
Wellington Skateboarding

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