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SubText08 Event – Newtown

Here is the third event planned for SubText08. Last year’s Teen Idol was enjoyed by all, so you won’t want to miss this.

Teen Idol 2
Newtown Library
Friday 15th August 6.00pm-8.00pm

Following on from last year’s smash hit, Newtown Library is bringing back the funk! Join us on Friday August 15th 6.00-8.00pm for an evening of laughter and Karaoke good times. Food, drinks and prizes on the night! Come along and show the world, or at least South Wellington, your hidden talents. Don’t be shy, bring your friends or your family along, it’s not often you get to be loud in the library!


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  1. Catherine

    I have already heard about it and I will try to be there. I have been practising for it 😀 It will be FUN FUN FUN. Am lining up my friends for it 2.

  2. Joseph

    Im not looking foreward to it … im dreading it,

    but I’ll be try to be there but I wont bring anyone with me.

  3. Catherine

    I heard one of the judges last year was quite mean. Oh well, that person got shunned by their friends apparently. Lets just hope that judge is not there this yeah!!!

  4. Jess

    i’m excited 🙂 is it like singstar or wat? ie. we don’t need to ‘prepare’ a song. haha >.<

  5. Im pretty sure it is singstar (librarian told me),

    and unfortunately I have to bring my dad, so I am going to bring Ear Plugs for him.

  6. Catherine

    Am excited as well. A librarian has told me that it will be a bit like last year. And that was so fun!!! I can’t wait until next Friday. YAY!!! 🙂

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